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Benefits of Self-Hypnosis Weight Loss

Hypnosis is a term that has been used in the last one and half centuries after being coined by a Scottish surgeon named James Braid. It is often performed by a hypnotherapist who would dangle an object and help the patient or client experience a numbness of the nervous system out of concentrating on the particular action. Today, self-hypnosis weight loss is considered one of the alternative medicines as it has proven to be effective.

There are several benefits of self-hypnosis weight loss when compared to other methods of losing weight. It may be prudent at this point to list out some of the other known means of cutting down weight. The first is through diet management. This involves eating certain foods such as fruits, vegetables and roughage in increasing quantities and reducing intake of free glucose sources such as refined sugar. Secondly is to engage in physical exercises that increase breakdown of excess fat in the tissues. These include aerobics, taking walks and even light weightlifting. Last is the use of herbal therapies and surgery. These are often expensive.

The benefit of self-hypnosis weight loss is that one is able to achieve losing weight through conditioning of the mind. It should be pointed out at this point in the discussion that whichever method that is recommended for losing weight, the engagement of the mind must be achieved before it usefulness is realized. One must get to a point where they enjoy the prescription for losing weight. They should also be able to believe that it will work to their benefit and not perceive it as being tiring task. These are the benefits that hypnosis that is self-administered brings to traditional weight loss. Therefore, we are not suggesting that you avoid the traditional weight loss strategies; rather you should complement it with hypnosis to make it effective and sustainable.

Besides increasing the ability to adhere to the weight loss prescription, the self-hypnosis would make reduce the cost of the process. There are those that belong to the school of thought that hypnosis must be administered by a second person. Most scientists are however now in agreement that whatever the source of the stimulus, it takes the individual to eventually hypnotize self. Therefore once the individual has learnt how to self-administer, he or she can cut down on costs of having to be supported in performing a routine that they now enjoy.

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Some Thoughts On Hypnosis And Weight Loss


For as long as I care to remember, I have been concerned about my weight in particular, and my overall health in general. My partner pokes fun at me occasionally about this, especially if I am trying to get back on track with a seriously healthy eating regime.

This is usually the case after some period of over indulgence, like right now, a few short weeks after Christmas and New Year. He says he loves me the way I am, and tells me not to be so obsessive about reading food labels, eating low fat foods, and so on, and so on. If I am like that, some of it is his fault. Would you believe that he actually bought me four, yes four, boxes of chocolates over Christmas. He knows that I am a total chocoholic,(as are many women),and simply cannot resist them. He gets a perverse pleasure from watching me agonise over the temptation, and usually not succeeding.

He has given up cigars totally for the last three months, and says that this is his way of getting his own back. He teases me by saying that he has more willpower than I have! In normal times I simply refuse to have anything made with chocolate in the house, as I know that I will give in to temptation otherwise, and sometimes he takes advantage of my weakness! Continue reading

Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

Self Hypnosis Used to Lose Weight

People have tried many ways to lose weight, down through history. You may feel that you have explored all of your options, however you probably have not thought of “self hypnosis”. Although it works for many individuals, it does not work for everyone. The success rate is high enough to make self hypnosis a feasible weight loss strategy. There are disadvantages, as well as advantages with regard to this technique, as follows:

• Advantages

No special equipment is required. You don’t even need a hypnotist; you can do this yourself!! You might initially want to consult a hypnotist to ask questions and get an idea as to what this kind of program entails. It’s worth the time and money to consult a doctor and a nutritionist to come up with a healthy eating and exercise plan, especially if you’re not familiar or used to diet and exercise. These measures will help you to slim down. An established self-help mechanism is Self hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used for a variety of things; from giving up smoking to recovering lost memories. Many folks are still skeptical of its merits, however many individuals stand by it. Hypnosis has helped many people to lose weight. If you talk to someone who has used self hypnosis to lose weight, they will not know the exact mechanisms that are used, but they will tell you that it worked for them when nothing else has.

• Disadvantages

It’s not proven scientifically. A definitive link between hypnosis and weight loss has not been found. It’s thought that many people experience different effects during medical trials. People who believe it will bring results, will usually get results, However hypnosis has been found to have no real benefits. The main thing is that many people contribute their weight loss to self hypnosis. Since they have tried other methods unsuccessfully, they highly recommend this procedure. For these individuals, hypnosis is a great! The key component of the Law of Attraction is the principle of belief. This is also known as the Secret. Followers of this method believe that something will eventually become real, if you believe that it is real. You will become wealthy; if you believe that you will become wealthy and make smart investments. The same holds true with regard to weight; if you believe you will lose weight and you make wise food choices, you will lose weight.

Hypnosis is not for Everyone. Some people just can’t be hypnotized, for one reason or another. If you’re having a lot of difficulty becoming hypnotized, try relaxing and participating in some type of visualizing exercises. Yoga is one activity that can help with visualization. Once you learn to control breathing, clear your mind, and focus on a goal through yoga; self hypnosis might not be far behind! Look online for a detailed tutorial to help you get started, if you are really serious about using self hypnosis. You might even want to check a book store or the library for a self hypnosis guide. This guide will take you step by step through the process of hypnosis. You might want to try self hypnosis to lose weight, if you’ve tried other weight loss methods without success, this may really work for you!

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Is Weight Loss and Hypnosis Right For You?

At this stage in your life you may have tried every Weight Loss pill, potion, remedy, theory and product there ever was created, only to find that every weight loss program or plan requires a certain amount of motivation to make it work! This might be the time to look at something a little outside of the box. Most of us have heard about Weight Loss and Hypnosis, but we all have to question a couple of things i.e. does it really work and of course is this type of weight loss method right for you?

The combination of weight loss and hypnosis may not be for everyone, but the first thing you have to do is determine if you will benefit from this type of therapy.

For some people the share thought of combining weight loss and hypnosis may resemble that of a Witch Doctor type remedy, however, if you are able to open your mind to this type of weight loss method I’m sure you will see the benefits of combining weight loss and hypnosis. The other problem is that many people have misconceptions about weight loss and hypnosis and its benefits, unfortunately many of these false ideas tend to lead people away from considering this combination for better health.

How Does Hypnosis Really Work?

You must be wondering if hypnosis renders your unconscious or does it put you completely to sleep, as seen on most TV programs and Hypnosis Shows. The volunteer tends to do all sorts of crazy things from behaving like a child to jumping around the stage as if he or she was a monkey! To be honest this is not my kind of ideal remedy either. Continue reading

Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Stress-Free Way to Reduce Your Weight

One of the major reasons why people opt for self-hypnosis for weight loss is due to the sheer number of possibilities that exist in this program. You will find that the reason most people are so concerned on losing weight is so that their self-esteem may increase. Once they achieve this goal, most of them will certainly get a spring in their step because they will start feeling good about themselves. This is why the media will always portray smiling people who have successfully managed to tame their weight. On the other hand, overweight people are pictured as being grumpy and full of stress.

This image is so entrenched in our minds that we automatically become happy when we are slim and stressed out when we notice that our weight is increasing. Remember how it felt good when you stepped on that weighing machine and realized that you had indeed shed a few pounds? You certainly would have jumped to the ceiling in joy! For once, you did not squeeze your body into your clothes or start sweating immediately you broke into a run or up a couple of stairs. Many are the people who will actually throw a toast to their weight loss success and probably take a weekend off to enjoy this achievement.

To help you get into this blissful mood, the self-hypnosis for weight loss program has been designed. Through this mind-blowing method, you are going to realize what it means to wear clothes that are really fitting and get complimented by people who still shake their heads in disbelief when they try to remember how huge you were. There is no need to go about life with our heads bowed down in despair due to the failure of losing our weight. Getting our weight issues out of the way does clear the air for us to focus on more relevant projects which will help us to utilize our full potential and bring our families together.

There are two techniques that are usually used in the self-hypnosis program. Firstly, one is required to close their eyes and recall back to a moment in their life when they were slim and happy. In order to make this vivid, you should engage all your senses so that you even remember any sounds, smell, sights, and any other details that you can take in. The next part involves visualizing healthy foods and then combining this picture with the feel-good memories that you are experiencing.

Secondly, you can decide to come up with a list of various suggestions that are related to a healthy weight loss. Statements such as ‘I am healthy and well’ should be on top of your mind when you are deciding on which ones to use. Once you have formulated such motivational statements, you should then go about your daily activities reciting them all the time.

As a tip, don’t do this like a chore; rather, take it as a success formula that hinges on how enthusiastic you are when carrying it out. As you can see, self-hypnosis for weight loss can be applied by anyone who is keen on losing weight.

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