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How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Complement A Diet Or Exercise Program



Many people who have not done well at weight loss hypnosis programs usually do not have a good picture or have a realistic expectation of what the hypnosis therapy session can bring to them or what it can help to do to their bodies. It is those same bunch of people who thinks that their years of accumulated fat in their body will just disappear with just one session of hypnosis for weight loss program.

Going into such a program without a realistic expectation will most certainly cause the program to fail. No matter you are taking up a new diet program or a gym routine, you need to know what exactly the program is going to do for you and how long it takes and what are the milestones that you can measure against so you know you are making progress.

Taking up a weight loss hypnosis program thinking its a miracle pill is foolhardy. However, if used correctly, the program will give you the extra edge in gaining control over your weight. Engaging a good qualified hypnosis therapist will be tremendously helpful to you. One of the advice that they will give is that weight loss hypnosis is not something that you can use by itself, in that you cannot simply “think” your pounds away. If it was that simple, there would not be a need for the existence for gyms and diets. Does that mean that weight loss hypnosis is useless ? Nothing can be further from the truth.

Modern hypnosis techniques has been used and perfected over hundreds of years. They are used to build self-confidence, change and modify habits, stop smoking problems, improve memory and of course, helping people lose and manage weight. Many people who have picked up a diet or gym routine initially finds that their weight may be dropping slightly. They get so happy and lose their head and starts to overindulge in food again and their weight shoots back up. This cycle continues on and on, and they continue picking up new diet and exercise books to try it out, without realizing that the cause of the weight problems is in themselves.

Weight Loss Hypnosis complements your diet or gym routine by modifying the self-defeating thoughts hidden deep in your subconscious mind. It is in your subconscious mind that your feelings and emotions are kept. Many studies have shown that feelings and emotions are almost always stronger then logic. That’s why sometimes you know you should not be eating but then you “can’t help” but eat it anyway. All our habitual and behaviour controlling our thoughts resides in the subconscious mind. During a hypnotic session, a qualified weight loss hypnosis therapist will induce you into a relaxed, hypnotic state. Then the therapist will attempt to “re-program” your habits and inner thoughts to make you more aware of what you are eating, how much you are eating and how to control your appetite in a safe and natural way.

However, going for a hypnosis session is not the means to an end. For you to gain the most out of your hypnotic weight management sessions, the motivation to change must come from within you. Hypnotic suggestions should be repeated on a regular basis until you notice a change. You can either go for regular hypnotic sessions or you can purchase hypnotic cds for weight loss so you can listen to it every day till you notice a change. The key to succeeding relies on you wanting to change.

Weight Loss Hypnosis may sound tedious at first, yet, if done correctly, you will realize that suddenly you can follow any diet or gym routine that you have picked up for yourself without forcing yourself through it. You will learn to enjoy the diet routine because of your changed mindset towards food. No longer will you have uncontrollable cravings or overeating sessions. No longer will you skip your gym sessions because you are tired.

The hypnosis programs re-programs your thoughts and habits to make following your diet and gym sessions a second nature to you. This re-programming of thoughts and habits is even more important then just simply losing the weight because this is the part where it keeps the weight off for the rest of your life.

Hence, weight loss hypnosis is a powerful tool in helping you combat your weight management goals and it is a formidable partner in complementing any of your diet or exercise programs.

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Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

Self Hypnosis Used to Lose Weight

People have tried many ways to lose weight, down through history. You may feel that you have explored all of your options, however you probably have not thought of “self hypnosis”. Although it works for many individuals, it does not work for everyone. The success rate is high enough to make self hypnosis a feasible weight loss strategy. There are disadvantages, as well as advantages with regard to this technique, as follows:

• Advantages

No special equipment is required. You don’t even need a hypnotist; you can do this yourself!! You might initially want to consult a hypnotist to ask questions and get an idea as to what this kind of program entails. It’s worth the time and money to consult a doctor and a nutritionist to come up with a healthy eating and exercise plan, especially if you’re not familiar or used to diet and exercise. These measures will help you to slim down. An established self-help mechanism is Self hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used for a variety of things; from giving up smoking to recovering lost memories. Many folks are still skeptical of its merits, however many individuals stand by it. Hypnosis has helped many people to lose weight. If you talk to someone who has used self hypnosis to lose weight, they will not know the exact mechanisms that are used, but they will tell you that it worked for them when nothing else has.

• Disadvantages

It’s not proven scientifically. A definitive link between hypnosis and weight loss has not been found. It’s thought that many people experience different effects during medical trials. People who believe it will bring results, will usually get results, However hypnosis has been found to have no real benefits. The main thing is that many people contribute their weight loss to self hypnosis. Since they have tried other methods unsuccessfully, they highly recommend this procedure. For these individuals, hypnosis is a great! The key component of the Law of Attraction is the principle of belief. This is also known as the Secret. Followers of this method believe that something will eventually become real, if you believe that it is real. You will become wealthy; if you believe that you will become wealthy and make smart investments. The same holds true with regard to weight; if you believe you will lose weight and you make wise food choices, you will lose weight.

Hypnosis is not for Everyone. Some people just can’t be hypnotized, for one reason or another. If you’re having a lot of difficulty becoming hypnotized, try relaxing and participating in some type of visualizing exercises. Yoga is one activity that can help with visualization. Once you learn to control breathing, clear your mind, and focus on a goal through yoga; self hypnosis might not be far behind! Look online for a detailed tutorial to help you get started, if you are really serious about using self hypnosis. You might even want to check a book store or the library for a self hypnosis guide. This guide will take you step by step through the process of hypnosis. You might want to try self hypnosis to lose weight, if you’ve tried other weight loss methods without success, this may really work for you!

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