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Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis


You are probably amazed when you hear that such an obstinate habit like smoking could be cured by Hypnosis. But it is true. To really understand how this works i.e. how you could stop smoking through hypnosis, you are on your way to permanently rid yourself of this scourge. First off , you must understand what actually happens when you reach out for the next cigarette. And on the other hand you must know how hypnosis works and what it actually does. That is where is the connection between smoking and hypnosis.

First of all, you would agree that smoking is a habit which seems to be deeply entrenched and very difficult to root out. A habit is actually controlled by your subconscious mind and that is the reason why it is so difficult to stop smoking. Since you are using your conscious mind to urge yourself to stop smoking whereas it is the inner mind which actually needs to be worked on. And that is where hypnosis comes in. Because hypnosis essentially works on the inner mind.

Hypnosis is a technique which silences the outer, conscious mind and then once the outer mind is put to ‘sleep’, teaches the inner mind to change entrenched thought patterns. This is the entire process of hypnosis. Continue reading