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Hypnotize Anyone Without Them Knowing It

If you were able to hypnotize someone, without them knowing and get them to bow to your commands, imagine what magnificent benefits you may be able to advantage. You could persuade your employer to give you that well deserved, or not so well deserved raise you’ve been waiting for.

You may be able to convince salespersons to accept your less than generous offers, or make the object of your affections fall for you.

Well by taking a simple hypnosis course, you may be able to hypnotize anyone, and everyone into giving you anything and everything you want and need. There is no need for super human psychic powers, magic, or any spell casting knowledge. Hypnosis requires none of that nonsense. It is a simple condition of the mind that allows manipulation by anyone of average intelligence.

Anyone can learn to hypnotize someone, and get exactly what they want from them.

What we a re talking about is the art of conversational hypnosis, otherwise known as covert hypnosis. What this method of subliminal persuasion entails is little more than learning when to recognize when your subject’s subconscious mind is at it’s most vulnerable point during an ordinary conversation. At this point you may administer a subtle suggestion to the “victim’s” subliminal consciousness.

Within minutes the covert hypnosis techniques you have applied will begin to show results!

In as short as a few minutes of casually conversing with your subject, the covert hypnotic suggestion you successfully plant in their mind may begin to show results. It’s simple, easy, anyone can learn to do it, and the benefits are endless.

And remember, no one ever will know they have been hypnotized. It’s your secret.

With a little practice, you can learn how to hypnotize anyone. Find out how by claiming your free hypnosis course…

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Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

Underground Hypnosis Course

Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open

Self-Change Hypnosis

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Hypnotics for Sleep Problems

Drug-based hypnotics can be addictive or non-addictive. Of the addictive variety, there are the benzodiazepines like Halcion® and Restoril®. Zolpidem works on the same receptors as benzodiazepines but have a shorter duration of action. Of the non-addictive hypnotics, there are chloral hydrate and diphenhydramine, which is available over the counter and is gentle enough to be used in children and in older adults.

Hypnosis can be used in the same way as drug-based hypnotics. One goes through an induction with a CD or a hypnotherapist and is brought into a deep and relaxed state, after which suggestions are given that you are “very sleepy” and “unable to stay awake”. Truly susceptible people in a deep hypnotic trance will feel so sleepy that they cannot help but go to sleep. There is no “waking up period” during this type of hypnosis and the individual is allowed to sleep. This is why hypnotics-based hypnosis is best done on a CD that one just plays at home.

Some hypnotists can make hypnotics customized CDs for their clients based on the experiences of the client. The tape is made for the individual to use at home and hopefully to help them get a restful night’s sleep night after night using the CD or tape. A person can order an mp3 of a sleep digital tape that is put on their iPod and helps them drift off to sleep with a customizable mp3. It is amazing how well the individual can sleep without drugs.

So what are the pros and cons of each hypnotics variety? With drug based hypnotics, the individual will most likely get a good night’s sleep, at least for a while. There is a tendency to habituate to a hypnotic which is drug-based as the brain chemistry gets used to being on the drug. Eventually, it quits working as well as it once did and the individual may not sleep, even after taking the hypnotic. They must switch to a different hypnotic or increase the dose of the hypnotics they are taking.

With hypnosis as a hypnotic, there is less likely to be any habituation and the brain will continue to fall asleep when this form of hypnotics is used. In fact, one tends to become accustomed to the CD and will feel sleepy as soon as it is started. Your brain becomes used to the CD helping you fall asleep and you begin to feel like it is working in a Pavlovian way as soon as the CD is begun. It is unusual to become negatively habituated to a hypnosis CD.

Caterina Christakos is a published author and reviewer. Find out more about hypnosis and hypnosis training here: http://hypnosisorlando.net/

Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss And Quitting Smoking

Through self hypnosis and the possibly limitless power of the subconscious mind it’s possible – metaphorically speaking – to move mountains, not just lose weight or quit smoking. I say just lose weight or quit smoking not because I don’t realise how hard it can seem to succeed permanently with these aspirations, but because I know from personal experience and from that of others who have used hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight and overcome other seemingly insurmountable problems and habits that it can be done, permanently and quite easily.

If you’re living with an overeating or nicotine habit (or both) it’s probably the case that sometimes you think about how much better you’d feel without them, and there’s no doubt that you would feel much better without them, but almost simultaneously the implications of throwing away that nicotine or comfort food crutch flash into your conscious awareness, and you experience a little mental shudder as you try to imagine what the rest of your life would be like without them. Not just today, tomorrow and the next day, but for the rest of your life.

Many weight loss and quit smoking programs tell you to take things one day at a time, and not think about the days, months and years lying ahead, but how can you not think about it?

There are no precise statistics, but I think that it’s safe to assume that somewhere between 50 and 90% of all attempts to lose weight and quit smoking using the willpower only approach fail, either very soon or within a couple of months. Some smokers stop for several years but the subconscious thought patterns which kept them smoking were so deeply ingrained that they never really lost the urge, years after the physically addictive nicotine poison had left their bodies.

Similarly, with regard to weight gain and dieting, many people start out full of optimism and determination, sure that they’re going to win the battle to lose weight, slim down and generally feel better about themselves. Unfortunately it’s usually the case that before long this determination is worn down by the constant inner whisperings telling you that there’s no need to be so hard on yourself, a little treat now and then is ok, why not just have one of these delicious looking cakes or chocolate and so on.Before you know it, the diet has been thrown to the winds and you’ve actually gained more weight than you had before. A few weeks or so later, you resolve once again to lose weight and the whole cycle begins again.

The reason why most dieters and quitting smokers fail is because they’re unaware of or have failed to appreciate the role that the subconscious mind plays in these matters. If you’ve convinced yourself that you need comfort food, that you’ll be irritable and unhappy without it, somehow denied, then your subconscious will go along with that. You’ll then come to believe that it is in fact inevitable that you’d be unhappy and uncomfortable without it, and it’s this subconscious belief that sooner or later wears down the conscious resolve you had to lose weight.

Smoking addiction works in a slightly different way, partly because you first have to clear your system of nicotine, which is physically addictive. After around 4-8 days the nicotine poison has indeed left your system and you notice the physical benefits almost immediately. What you’re also noticing is that your mind won’t stop thinking about it. The deeply ingrained subconscious belief that you not only enjoy smoking but also need to smoke is constantly working its way into your conscious mind, creating the belief that you’re denying yourself something that you want and need, and that to go on doing so means that you’re somehow punishing yourself.

After a certain amount of time, whether it’s a couple of days or years, something gives way and you find some sort of justification for relieving yourself of this self punishment, whereby you decide that just one cigarette couldn’t do any harm. Much more often than not, that one cigarette is fairly swiftly followed by just one more, and before long you’re back to where you started.

The key to permanently breaking this cycle lies within the subconscious. With motivation, hypnosis/self hypnosis has been shown consistently to be the best and most effective method available for reaching and reprogramming subconscious thought patterns which cause you to believe that you need and want to smoke or overeat. Through relaxation, visualization and positive suggestion hypnotherapy or self hypnosis downloads can reach and influence the subconscious and replace these negative thought patterns with positive ones, leaving you with no desire whatsoever to smoke or to eat more than your body actually needs.

Find out more about self hypnosis and hypnosis to quit smoking. Be who you want to be and live the life that you want to live.

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Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Fact or Myth?

The fast paced life of today has resulted in a lot of problems for the current generation. Not only are people moving away from their relations and drifting into loneliness but just due to the nature and pattern of the working hours people are getting devoid of a normal and balanced diet. It is very essential to understand that due to the unavailability of time more and more people are drifting into habits of fast food containing the trans-fat which results in obesity and many heart disorders.

Again, it is due to the nature of work and peer pressure that results in emotional unbalance people are even shifting to binge eating and gorging on substances that leads to obesity and in turn this decreases the confidence even more.

So if you are wondering about how to stop this mania about over eating you need to read on. You can now stop binge eating with the help of self hypnosis. Believe it or not weight loss hypnosis is as true as the sun or the moon and it is indeed a very true fact that there are many practitioners of this art.

Hypnosis as we all know is a very old art with the help of which you can control the mind of other people. We have often seen magicians employ this art and make people do embarrassing things for the harmless fun of the others at his expense. Hypnosis is a very powerful art that helps you get a complete control over another person’s mind. So you can understand with the exercising of this control over yourself you can control the urge of binge eating.

Thus the term self hypnosis comes into the picture. This is the art through which you can hypnotize yourself and gain full control over yourself and stop binge eating. It is indeed very wonderful that you can now apply hypnosis to lose weight. So gone are those days when you would have visited the gym and followed a daily routine so that you can shed those extra kilos. Weight loss hypnosis will help you to curb the passion and desire for over eating and if you do not grow fat in the first place then you really do not need to go for the weight loss programs. Few sessions with the weight loss hypnosis means you are free from the evil of binge eating and once you overcome this problem you will get leaner, meaner and fitter and thus high on confidence as well.

In case you are wondering about how to go about with the weight loss hypnosis then you will be delighted to know that everything about this form of self hypnosis is available on the internet. There are books available on the art as well. But you need to make sure that you follow all the instruction to the letter and learn the art before you go about employing them in your real life.

Use self hypnosis for weight loss to change your relationship with food today and lose weight easily, naturally and permanently.

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Self-Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Many people tell that they are really tired of failed attempts to quit smoking, of worsening coughs they have in morning and of effort they have to put in everyday to climb stairs. They know that it will be good for their health to quit this habit but they are also aware of the fact that quitting the habit could become more painful than the coughs or the weakness they have because of smoking and they do not want to take such risk. Using self hypnosis to stop smoking is beneficial as it helps the person forget about the negative experiences that are attached with nicotine withdrawal. Self hypnosis will also make sure that you do not substitute this smoking habit with some other one such as eating. Additionally, other symptoms such as feeling cranky will not be present when you will use self hypnosis as a means to stop smoking.

What Self-hypnosis Does?

Using self hypnosis a person can access his subconscious mind and train it to learn as well as do new things which are not possible to accomplish using willpower you have. Many of us lack willpower to do things we really want to and the main reason for that is our subconscious mind which has total control over our behavior and emotions.

To succeed in your plans to stop smoking your subconscious mind should also be involved in it otherwise your willpower alone will not be able to successfully implement your plans. What self hypnosis does is make our subconscious mind aware of tasks we intend to do so that subconscious as well as conscious mind can work together for completion of any particular task. Self hypnosis thus works as an effective motivator assisting us to quit smoking and suppress our cravings to smoke.

Starting Self Hypnosis

First step in self hypnosis involves practicing relaxation techniques. You should also find a place in your house where you will not be disturbed and can train yourself quietly on different relaxation procedures.

Next step involves creating scripts which are positive sentences or phrases which a person repeats to himself at the time of relaxation.

Forming a Proper Script

Developing a proper script is important and has a major role to play in how well self hypnosis works. The self hypnosis script should use positive statement, be in present tense and as if you are talking to yourself. As for example, with regards to stopping to smoke your script can have phrases such as “I have control over my life and cigarettes are not part of it”, “I have decided not to smoke and it is a right decision”, “I have quitting smoking and would never smoke again”.

According to numerous studies it has been found that most effective and easy method of stopping the smoking habit is self-hypnosis. When we use self hypnosis in our plans to quit smoking we actually train our subconscious mind and it starts to absorb what we are trying to do. The mind is then well prepared to stop this habit and quitting the habit becomes easier.

Jeremy Atkin has been a writer and researcher on Self-Hypnosis for more than 20 years. He’s researched numerous studies on Self Hypnosis, the Human Psyche, NLP and wrote his own scripts and created Self-Hypnosis Audios to successfully rid himself of smoking, obesity and poor concentration.

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Hypnotherapy Is Essential Aid For Cancer Patients

There are often mixed reviews about hypnotherapy, oftentimes coming from the medical profession and other sources of health care. Hypnotherapy is always misunderstood, and has not been publicized as a good treatment for cancer. The reason for this is the fact the hypnotherapy is still perceived by people based on the comical depictions of hypnosis on TV. In reality, hypnotherapy is beneficial in a lot of medical conditions. It can help people overcome phobias, quit smoking, and alleviate stress.

Modern hypnotherapists are a far cry from the comic characters portrayed on television, and are people who are actually dedicated and serious in promoting an alternative way to heal, psychologically, physically and even spiritually.

What then, is the truth between hypnotherapy and cancer? Does it really work? For these past decades, many physicians who keep an open mind about alternative ways to treat patients have promoted that hypnotherapy can actually help cancer patients recover, in many ways. Many cancer survivors who have tried hypnotherapy attest that this is what cured them. Nevertheless, actual studies have shown that not only does hypnotherapy cure per se the cancer patient, but actually enhances the quality of life of people battling cancer.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work for Cancer Patients?

Hypnosis, sometimes called an altered state of consciousness, is a condition akin to that when people are about to sleep or are just in the act of waking up. During this condition that hypnotherapists induce, suggestions are given to the patient who will find its way into the latter’s subconscious mind, without the interference of the conscious mind. The things that are being said are what counts, rather than the state the patient is in during hypnosis. Once a person joins a session of hypnotherapy, this patient can often induce self-hypnosis. Thus when a need arises for hypnotherapy and the patient is unable to visit his or her hypnotherapist, then that patient can hypnotize oneself. For this reason, hypnotherapy may be considered a very affordable means of treatment.

Reduction of Side Effects

The side effects of the conventional treatment of cancer like chemotherapy can be devastating. Fatigue, pain, vomiting and nausea recur whenever the patient undergoes chemotherapy. Promoting a more serene state, hypnosis reduces the patient’s anxiety of these effects, and more often than not, reduces the side effects of chemotherapy because of the enhanced well-being of the patient.

A cancer victim’s life is really stressful. Through hypnosis, this stress is greatly reduced, so a patient’s reception of his or her medication becomes actually easier. Hypnotherapy has a calming effect, and can overwhelmingly improve the life of a patient battling cancer. Because hypnosis alleviates the symptoms and side effects of cancer, caregivers and nurses find that this helps them too, because it is a lot easier to care for the patient.

About The Author:

Misty A. Godinez is a Content Writer and Internet Marketer who writes about health issues and would like to help you triumph over your health problems.

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Self Hypnosis Attitude Drives Your Results

Hypnosis is normally not an induced state. It is a perfectly natural phenomena which any of us can experience. It is a state which lies between us being awake and sleeping.

Consequently there is not a particular group that is capable of achieving a hypnotic state. All of us can encounter it. What varies is the level of benefit we obtain from it. Furthermore, the capability of achieving it at will varies from individual to individual.

Each of us has got various levels of susceptibility. That is the variable which determines the depth of hypnosis state that we can reach. Moreover achieving hypnotic state at will also will depend on this aspect. Some people whom are more suggestible will go deep straight into meditation at will as well as for longer periods of time.

Having mentioned that, experts will tell you that the benefit we get does not rely on the above mentioned factors. In other words all of us could derive some gain out of hypnosis. The gain we obtain additionally depends upon our personality and other individual characteristics. But aside from these the factors which rule the gain one can obtain from hypnosis is the drive you have and the commitment you are ready to show.

People who visit their hypnotherapist or listen to recordings on a frequent basis are likely to benefit more. The more you are motivated to use self hypnosis or any other reprogramming mind method, the more benefit you obtain. Hypnosis is not a magic spell that can be effortlessly cast on any person. It needs one to be highly motivated and dedicated if you really want to bring in the sought after changes. This is true not only with hypnosis but any therapy that you implement.

The key element is your mindset. If you are against hypnosis you will certainly not derive any benefit. If you are concentrating too much on the results instead of enjoying the rewards you will be wasting your time and efforts again. You will be hung with obstacles which will impede your progress and also influence negatively the amount of benefit that you can truly obtain from hypnosis.

That’s why the best strategy for one to appreciate the benefits of self hypnosis is to let go, relax and enjoy the results. Don’t oppose anything. Let things to take a natural course. The more conscious efforts you put in the less the benefits will come naturally to you.

Each one us can benefit from self hypnosis. The degree of benefit surely will depend on how open one is and how much commitment one demonstrates. Therefore, your mindset is the key drive for you to derive the highest degree of benefit from Hypnosis.

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Benefits of Self-Hypnosis Weight Loss

Hypnosis is a term that has been used in the last one and half centuries after being coined by a Scottish surgeon named James Braid. It is often performed by a hypnotherapist who would dangle an object and help the patient or client experience a numbness of the nervous system out of concentrating on the particular action. Today, self-hypnosis weight loss is considered one of the alternative medicines as it has proven to be effective.

There are several benefits of self-hypnosis weight loss when compared to other methods of losing weight. It may be prudent at this point to list out some of the other known means of cutting down weight. The first is through diet management. This involves eating certain foods such as fruits, vegetables and roughage in increasing quantities and reducing intake of free glucose sources such as refined sugar. Secondly is to engage in physical exercises that increase breakdown of excess fat in the tissues. These include aerobics, taking walks and even light weightlifting. Last is the use of herbal therapies and surgery. These are often expensive.

The benefit of self-hypnosis weight loss is that one is able to achieve losing weight through conditioning of the mind. It should be pointed out at this point in the discussion that whichever method that is recommended for losing weight, the engagement of the mind must be achieved before it usefulness is realized. One must get to a point where they enjoy the prescription for losing weight. They should also be able to believe that it will work to their benefit and not perceive it as being tiring task. These are the benefits that hypnosis that is self-administered brings to traditional weight loss. Therefore, we are not suggesting that you avoid the traditional weight loss strategies; rather you should complement it with hypnosis to make it effective and sustainable.

Besides increasing the ability to adhere to the weight loss prescription, the self-hypnosis would make reduce the cost of the process. There are those that belong to the school of thought that hypnosis must be administered by a second person. Most scientists are however now in agreement that whatever the source of the stimulus, it takes the individual to eventually hypnotize self. Therefore once the individual has learnt how to self-administer, he or she can cut down on costs of having to be supported in performing a routine that they now enjoy.

People have reported phenomenal results for self hypnosis weight loss using subliminal hypnosis as well. For a great resource you can check out My Subliminal Hypnosis. They have a vast amount of subliminal hypnosis programs which can improve your life in every way!

Finally Take Control of Your Habits

Hypnosis 2

Hypnosis 2

Self hypnosis is a form of hypnosis in which the individual completes the induction into the trance without the help of another. This is very effective because the individual is at ease and relaxed knowing that they are the only ones that will witness the hypnotic state. Several individuals practice hypnosis on a daily basis for a variety of daily activities. It may be calming anxiety for a job interview, test or other stressful event.

The self hypnosis teaches the individual to relax their body and focus on a scene in order to relax their bodies. Here we will discuss some of the techniques that are performed in self hypnosis.

One of the most popular forms of self hypnosis is called change self hypnosis. This is where the individual is attempting to change something that is currently in their live through the hypnotic process. The technique often differs depending on what the individual is aiming to change. If they are trying to quit smoking the induction may be imagining a beautiful scenic place or an old dying man.

Depending on what works for the individual. No two people are exactly alike, some can change behaviors with relaxation and for others it may be the harsh reality of the habit. Everyone assumes that hypnosis is always a peaceful place with individuals relaxed, but some have found that witnessing or viewing the destruction of a behavior has a tremendous impact on their lives. There are professional trainings and workshops that teach the art of hypnosis training. When you learn hypnotism many of the myths are dispelled.

Anyone can learn hypnosis it is not difficult and best of all you can learn for free. With the cost of living in today’s world, many find themselves living paycheck to paycheck with little left at the end. This is another reason to turn to self hypnosis, there is no cost. You can perform hypnosis in your home without incurring any other expense. If you want music you can turn on the radio, or nature sounds can be achieve with hypnosis outdoors.

There are books, tapes and other enhancements that can assist you with the induction, but they are completely up to you. So if you need a change or find a way to relax then try out free self hypnosis, we will show you how. This is for self hypnosis, but there is training available to learn to hypnotize people.

In a quite room you will want to find a place to relax. Maybe on the couch, chair, bed or where ever you are most comfortable. Next you will want to determine what you want to achieve with hypnosis. Take a few deep breaths and begin focusing on one thing. This could be a spot on the wall, picture or something else that is an inanimate object.

After focusing on your object you will want to repeat to yourself that you are feeling sleepy and eye lids are becoming heavy. Allow for all the stress in your body to run down your arms and out through your finger tips. Tell yourself that you are relaxed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Once relaxed imagine a staircase and begin walking the staircase until you have reached the number ten stair. Counting as you go and telling yourself that as you walk the staircase you are going deeper and deeper into hypnosis.

Once you have made it to the tenth stair you will then tell yourself that you are in hypnosis. At this point you can explore your surroundings, how does it feel, hot or cold, wind, smell and other physical attributes of your environment. At this point you can then rehearse the positive scripting into your mind. Remember you are highly suggestible at this time so what you change your scripting to will be your new thoughts. When you have completed your self hypnosis session you will begin up the stairs counting backwards from the tenth stair.

As you climb the stairs tell yourself you are coming up from hypnosis and will awake with a feeling of wellness. Once you have made your way up the staircase then tell yourself to open your eyes and return to the normal awake state.

When you awake you will remember everything there is no amnestic effect like some speculate. Most people spend about twenty minutes in hypnosis and remember the entire time. You can explore and make the session last longer if you would like, or you can shorten it. What ever suits you the best.

HypnosisKnowHow.com – Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis Training Learn what hypnosis is, how it affects your mind, what is possible through hypno.


Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

Underground Hypnosis Course.

Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide

Stress Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness

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Hypnosis in Medicine – 10 Ways in Which it Can Help

The National Institutes of Health have been funding a number of clinical trials, one of the focuses of which has been Hypnosis in contemporary medicine.

This particular subject has been reviewed by James H Stewart, M.D., of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Stewart, while highlighting the basic concepts of Hypnosis, also reviewed the results of many clinical trials of Hypnosis in treating a variety of medical conditions.

He conducted brain tests while people were actually undergoing Hypnosis and his findings were most interesting and particularly damaging to the opinions of naysayers and doubters of the treatment. For instance, he found that it isn’t simply a matter of following instructions, but an actual change in the perception of the brain.

Also, and this will come as a nasty shock to those who hold Hypnosis up to ridicule, it is emphatically not a placebo, nor is it a state of sleep. This comes as no surprise to those of us who know anything at all about Hypnosis. It simply re-enforces the facts that have been in plain view for years.

Dr. Stewart noted 10 benefits of Hypnosis in treating the following;

1. Anesthesia and pain relief during surgery. You may remember that we saw this in a previous article concerning a young Canadian dentist who was operated upon without any form of anesthesia. He hypnotized himself, laughed and joked with the operating doctors and when the procedure was complete, simply dressed himself and walked out of the operating theatre.

2. Treatment of persistent Eczema.
3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
4. Peptic Ulcer Disease.
5. High Blood Pressure, ( Hypertension),
6. Obesity and general weight loss,
7. Chronic Tinnitus,
8. Fibromyalgia,
9. Impotence and
10. Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes 2 in particular is of great concern. In February 2007, GlaxoSmithKline used the website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to announce a letter they wrote to doctors explaining how certain commonly used drugs can cause a considerable increase in the risk of bone fracture in women.

Again, in November 2007, European and U.S. diabetologists demanded greater caution in the use of medications like Avandia which has been linked to an increase in heart attacks. It seems as fruitless as it seems cruel to tell some poor person who’s been on these medications for some time, that he or she runs the risk of keeling over with a heart attack!

The benefits of Hypnosis with these conditions are just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Stewart, for the purposes of this report, wasn’t concerned with the tremendous benefits of Hypnosis in respect of mental conditions.

In the past fifty years, there have been a great many studies carried out on the benefits of Hypnosis, a lot of them by highly qualified physicians like Dr. Stewart in well regulated conditions and institutions. Self hypnosis, too, is highly recommended, provided it’s taught by qualified individuals. It’s a way of building a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

The benefits, of course, are enormous. Reports vary greatly as to what percentage of our minds we use; some say 2%, others 4%, yet others put the figure at 10%, which personally I consider rather high, but even allowing for that, it still leaves 90% untapped.

Mike Bond telling us of the way the medical profession is coming around to the use of Hypnosis for physical conditions. You can learn a great deal more on his Website, at The Hypnosis Attraction and wouldn’t you like to learn Hypnosis yourself? Simply by clicking the word Hypnosis, you’ll be able to do just that!