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21 Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

Does Your Golf Game Suck?

Are you convinced that you could do better, shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more?

Golf is 85 – 90% a mental game, which means that the majority of your mistakes, missed-shots, and bogeys are because you are not relaxed, focused and concentrating on your game. Tiger Woods practices his mental-game as much as he practices his physical-game.

Now you can use some of the little tricks that Tiger Woods and other top rated golfers use in order to improve YOUR game.

Your unconscious mind is incredibly smart and capable.

Remember when you first learned to drive a car? For many of us it was an extremely frustrating process. Starting and stopping smoothly. Driving in the MIDDLE of the lane. Paying attention to the traffic around us. Parallel parking! And for those of us who learned how to drive a standard shift … add in the frustrations of the shift mechanism along with the clutch! But, in a surprisingly short time, we somehow learned to drive smoothly and effortlessly. If you’ve been driving for over a year or so, the process has probably become so automatic it is largely unconscious.

And … that’s how your golf game should and can be … largely unconscious and almost automatic. When you start learning and practicing … you concentrate on all the mechanics of the shot. You break down the various kinds of shots into a number of components. You work on each component until it becomes automatic. And then … you simply have to let go and just play.

So how do you do you get to a golf game that is largely automatic, where you are able to trust yourself to just PLAY?

The fact is you have to practice. Work with your Golf Pro to understand the mechanics of each type of shot … and then practice the mechanics. Break the shot down into its components and focus on one component at a time. Then put them all together and work on a smooth flowing swing or putt.

And while you are practicing the physical side of the game … you also practice the MENTAL side of the game.

You will learn:

  • How to focus with laser beam intensity
  • How to concentrate
  • How to visualize success
  • How to get rid of distractions
  • How to relax
  • How to have FUN

21 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game focuses on the MENTAL side of your golf game.
Master them one at a time and you will see your game improve faster than you ever thought possible!

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Editorial Reviews

I Bought This for the Family Golf Fanatics

I’m not a golfer, but many people in my family are so I got this for all the golfers and gave it to them on the condition they give me feedback on the contents.

Six people read it, and six people gave a range of 4-5 stars with the 5 stars winning the day. They expected another book on physical techniques and were pleasantly surprised to find they could read it and start using the suggestions right away with no practice.

Now the only problem is one of sharing the book. Should I buy some more copies, or let them get their own?   ~~Glorybee “Gloria Daniels”



Literally shed strokes off my game!

I have been an off and off golfer for the last 4 years, and with an upcoming “boys weekend out” i need all the help i can get.

I tend to be really hot and cold on the course, some days absolutely on fire and others I am better off on the “19th hole”. I went through this book and hit the course this weekend and was pleasantly surprised!

I realized golf was a mental game as much as physical but I never really approached it as such. Negative self-talk, not being in the right headspace and rushing my game are all things I now realize i must work on (thanks to being pointed out from this book)

The techniques in this book range from super easy to more complex long term thinking, and overall gave a nice “to-do” list for me to work on. Remembering that i am actually supposed to be having fun out there is a great reminder.|

I would highly recommend this to any golfer who may not have given serious thought to the mental side of the game. This is a great guide that I will be reviewing frequently!   ~~Dave Bloomberg