Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Fact or Myth?

The fast paced life of today has resulted in a lot of problems for the current generation. Not only are people moving away from their relations and drifting into loneliness but just due to the nature and pattern of the working hours people are getting devoid of a normal and balanced diet. It is very essential to understand that due to the unavailability of time more and more people are drifting into habits of fast food containing the trans-fat which results in obesity and many heart disorders.

Again, it is due to the nature of work and peer pressure that results in emotional unbalance people are even shifting to binge eating and gorging on substances that leads to obesity and in turn this decreases the confidence even more.

So if you are wondering about how to stop this mania about over eating you need to read on. You can now stop binge eating with the help of self hypnosis. Believe it or not weight loss hypnosis is as true as the sun or the moon and it is indeed a very true fact that there are many practitioners of this art.

Hypnosis as we all know is a very old art with the help of which you can control the mind of other people. We have often seen magicians employ this art and make people do embarrassing things for the harmless fun of the others at his expense. Hypnosis is a very powerful art that helps you get a complete control over another person’s mind. So you can understand with the exercising of this control over yourself you can control the urge of binge eating.

Thus the term self hypnosis comes into the picture. This is the art through which you can hypnotize yourself and gain full control over yourself and stop binge eating. It is indeed very wonderful that you can now apply hypnosis to lose weight. So gone are those days when you would have visited the gym and followed a daily routine so that you can shed those extra kilos. Weight loss hypnosis will help you to curb the passion and desire for over eating and if you do not grow fat in the first place then you really do not need to go for the weight loss programs. Few sessions with the weight loss hypnosis means you are free from the evil of binge eating and once you overcome this problem you will get leaner, meaner and fitter and thus high on confidence as well.

In case you are wondering about how to go about with the weight loss hypnosis then you will be delighted to know that everything about this form of self hypnosis is available on the internet. There are books available on the art as well. But you need to make sure that you follow all the instruction to the letter and learn the art before you go about employing them in your real life.

Use self hypnosis for weight loss to change your relationship with food today and lose weight easily, naturally and permanently.

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Mange Your Pain Effectively With Hypnosis

Medically, hypnotherapy is defined as the treatment of health ailments by inducing sleep in the patient. It is employed in surgery, dentistry, research, psychotherapy, and medicine. Hypnotherapy is the ideal tool that is used to tackle behavioral problems or psycho-somatic disorders like weight gain, smoking cessation, narcotics abuse, alcoholism and pain management.

History of hypnotherapy in pain-relief:
Hypnotherapy was used in as early as 1800 by Bernheim and Liebault to cure sciatica.

It was first used to relieve pain during surgery by Dr. Henry Munro. By using hypnosis, Dr. Munro was able to surgically operate on patients using only 10% of ether, by inducing them beforehand into a hypnotic state.

Areas of pain relief where hypnosis is used:

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in the area of pain management. It is particularly successful in areas where the patient is allergic to analgesic or anesthetics. It is used to control pain in complicated situations like arthritis, burns, child birth, muscular-skeletal disorder, facial neuralgia. Even simple bouts of headache, body ache or even excruciating pain caused by toothache is curbed by hypnosis. Life-saving operative procedures like Caesarean sections, cardio-vascular surgery, hysterectomies and thyroidectomies use hypnosis for pain-alleviation. In 1996, researchers in the U.S. National Institute of Health proved that hypnosis is helpful in easing even chronic cancer pain. Recent analysis by New York’s Mount Sinai school of medicine justified the effectiveness of hypnosis in pan management by proving it helpful in reducing rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and surgery-anxiety.

Hypnotherapy techniques in pain-relief:

Various methods like Imitation, Rhythm, Monotony and Imagery are employed as hypnosis tools in relieving pain. Self -hypnosis is another valuable technique that can be used by any individual in generating a positive thinking and mitigating pain. Visualization, Metaphor, Suggestion etc are also instrumental in alleviating pain through hypnosis.

Why Hypnosis for Pain relief:

Pain is a condition of physical trauma that may be caused due to injury, disease or malfunctioning of internal organs. Pain may be localized or global but it is often partially experienced as an emotional anguish. Trauma is registered in the mind as a stressful factor.The patient is already in a pre-conditioned state where he is to believe that he is in acute pain. So while the cognitive part of pain may be partial, its emotional part also supplements it, this is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is able to induce the patient to transform his negative and stress-related emotions to positive emotions whereby he is emotionally relieved of pain. Hypnosis treatment helps you to mentally block off the sensation of pain, thereby preventing it from further escalation.

Hypnosis is neither a stand alone-treatment nor a miracle cure. When used in conjunction with pain-relieving drugs, physicians often find better results with lesser quantities of medication used. Especially valuable in incidents of drug-allergy and surgery-anxiety, hypnotherapy makes the patient respond better to treatment by attacking pain from a different angle.

Thus hypnotherapy is the need of the hour as a psychiatric tool for effective pain management

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Hypnosis For Pain Management

In the days before anesthetics had been discovered, surgeries performed on patients were gruesome beyond description. Post-surgery mortality rates were as high as 40%, and patients were traumatized and mentally scarred for life after the experience. The only anesthetics known to doctors back then were the natural ones – and quite literally so; they believed that falling asleep, becoming unconscious and dying were the only three ways in which nature helped people cope with pain. There are many accounts given by the people of those days about the horrors of surgery performed on them without anesthetics. Dental surgeries, among other medical treatments, were performed after strapping the patient onto a table or a chair to prevent them from moving. Fanny Burney, a famous writer, once had a mastectomy without being given any pain-killers. So traumatizing and gruesome was the experience, that even nine months after the surgery, just thinking about it made her feel weak and develop a headache.

John Elliotson, who was a professor at the University College, London and James Esdaile were among the first doctors to report surgeries performed on patients painlessly. Their surgeries were reportedly performed after ‘mesmerizing’ their patients, rendering them incapable of feeling pain during the surgery. This happened in the 1800s. Soon, hypnosis became limited to a field of study and research in laboratories. However, the use of hypnosis in surgery and medical procedures surfaced once again during the Second World War. When analgesics and other pain-killers or drugs like morphine were unavailable, hypnosis was used on soldiers to reduce their pain. It was even used to help them deal with and overcome shell-shock.

Long and complicated surgeries have been performed on patients successfully without having to use anesthetics. Recently, a professional hypnotherapist, Alex Lenkei, underwent a complicated surgery to relive him of arthritic pain in his right hand without taking any anesthetics. Lenkei put himself into a deep trance shortly before the surgery, and was fully conscious throughout the procedure. Apart from the tugs and pulls, he felt absolutely no pain whatsoever. This man is a living example – apparently, he has had a similar anesthesia-free surgery for hernia in 1996, making the surgery for arthritis his second time!

There is also the case of a woman who recently underwent a mastectomy without being given any anesthetics after being put into a hypnotic trance by Dr. William S. Kroger. The doctor, a practicing hypnotherapist, stood in the operation theater instead of the anesthesiologist. Surprisingly, Dr. Kroger had hypnotized the woman only the night before the surgery! There have also been several documented cases of women feeling almost no pain during childbirth, after being hypnotized. Hypnosis used on women during parturition is much safer than anesthetics, which may have harmful effects on the fetus. Even cancer patients and critically or terminally ill patients have benefited from hypnosis, when it comes to dealing with the pain. Hypnotherapy shows a lot of promise in the field of medicine and painless surgery

Eli Bliliuos is the founder of the New York Hypnosis Institute located in New York City. He specializes in pain management and surgery preparation and recovery.
Eli Bliliuos is a New York native whose interest in hypnosis dates back over 25 years. Eli is a Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer, an NLP Practitioner (Neural Linguistic Programming), and a Consulting NYC hypnotist who has been certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists as well as the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists.

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New York Hypnosis Institute LLC
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Self-Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Many people tell that they are really tired of failed attempts to quit smoking, of worsening coughs they have in morning and of effort they have to put in everyday to climb stairs. They know that it will be good for their health to quit this habit but they are also aware of the fact that quitting the habit could become more painful than the coughs or the weakness they have because of smoking and they do not want to take such risk. Using self hypnosis to stop smoking is beneficial as it helps the person forget about the negative experiences that are attached with nicotine withdrawal. Self hypnosis will also make sure that you do not substitute this smoking habit with some other one such as eating. Additionally, other symptoms such as feeling cranky will not be present when you will use self hypnosis as a means to stop smoking.

What Self-hypnosis Does?

Using self hypnosis a person can access his subconscious mind and train it to learn as well as do new things which are not possible to accomplish using willpower you have. Many of us lack willpower to do things we really want to and the main reason for that is our subconscious mind which has total control over our behavior and emotions.

To succeed in your plans to stop smoking your subconscious mind should also be involved in it otherwise your willpower alone will not be able to successfully implement your plans. What self hypnosis does is make our subconscious mind aware of tasks we intend to do so that subconscious as well as conscious mind can work together for completion of any particular task. Self hypnosis thus works as an effective motivator assisting us to quit smoking and suppress our cravings to smoke.

Starting Self Hypnosis

First step in self hypnosis involves practicing relaxation techniques. You should also find a place in your house where you will not be disturbed and can train yourself quietly on different relaxation procedures.

Next step involves creating scripts which are positive sentences or phrases which a person repeats to himself at the time of relaxation.

Forming a Proper Script

Developing a proper script is important and has a major role to play in how well self hypnosis works. The self hypnosis script should use positive statement, be in present tense and as if you are talking to yourself. As for example, with regards to stopping to smoke your script can have phrases such as “I have control over my life and cigarettes are not part of it”, “I have decided not to smoke and it is a right decision”, “I have quitting smoking and would never smoke again”.

According to numerous studies it has been found that most effective and easy method of stopping the smoking habit is self-hypnosis. When we use self hypnosis in our plans to quit smoking we actually train our subconscious mind and it starts to absorb what we are trying to do. The mind is then well prepared to stop this habit and quitting the habit becomes easier.

Jeremy Atkin has been a writer and researcher on Self-Hypnosis for more than 20 years. He’s researched numerous studies on Self Hypnosis, the Human Psyche, NLP and wrote his own scripts and created Self-Hypnosis Audios to successfully rid himself of smoking, obesity and poor concentration.

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Hypnotherapy Is Essential Aid For Cancer Patients

There are often mixed reviews about hypnotherapy, oftentimes coming from the medical profession and other sources of health care. Hypnotherapy is always misunderstood, and has not been publicized as a good treatment for cancer. The reason for this is the fact the hypnotherapy is still perceived by people based on the comical depictions of hypnosis on TV. In reality, hypnotherapy is beneficial in a lot of medical conditions. It can help people overcome phobias, quit smoking, and alleviate stress.

Modern hypnotherapists are a far cry from the comic characters portrayed on television, and are people who are actually dedicated and serious in promoting an alternative way to heal, psychologically, physically and even spiritually.

What then, is the truth between hypnotherapy and cancer? Does it really work? For these past decades, many physicians who keep an open mind about alternative ways to treat patients have promoted that hypnotherapy can actually help cancer patients recover, in many ways. Many cancer survivors who have tried hypnotherapy attest that this is what cured them. Nevertheless, actual studies have shown that not only does hypnotherapy cure per se the cancer patient, but actually enhances the quality of life of people battling cancer.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work for Cancer Patients?

Hypnosis, sometimes called an altered state of consciousness, is a condition akin to that when people are about to sleep or are just in the act of waking up. During this condition that hypnotherapists induce, suggestions are given to the patient who will find its way into the latter’s subconscious mind, without the interference of the conscious mind. The things that are being said are what counts, rather than the state the patient is in during hypnosis. Once a person joins a session of hypnotherapy, this patient can often induce self-hypnosis. Thus when a need arises for hypnotherapy and the patient is unable to visit his or her hypnotherapist, then that patient can hypnotize oneself. For this reason, hypnotherapy may be considered a very affordable means of treatment.

Reduction of Side Effects

The side effects of the conventional treatment of cancer like chemotherapy can be devastating. Fatigue, pain, vomiting and nausea recur whenever the patient undergoes chemotherapy. Promoting a more serene state, hypnosis reduces the patient’s anxiety of these effects, and more often than not, reduces the side effects of chemotherapy because of the enhanced well-being of the patient.

A cancer victim’s life is really stressful. Through hypnosis, this stress is greatly reduced, so a patient’s reception of his or her medication becomes actually easier. Hypnotherapy has a calming effect, and can overwhelmingly improve the life of a patient battling cancer. Because hypnosis alleviates the symptoms and side effects of cancer, caregivers and nurses find that this helps them too, because it is a lot easier to care for the patient.

About The Author:

Misty A. Godinez is a Content Writer and Internet Marketer who writes about health issues and would like to help you triumph over your health problems.

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Self Hypnosis Attitude Drives Your Results

Hypnosis is normally not an induced state. It is a perfectly natural phenomena which any of us can experience. It is a state which lies between us being awake and sleeping.

Consequently there is not a particular group that is capable of achieving a hypnotic state. All of us can encounter it. What varies is the level of benefit we obtain from it. Furthermore, the capability of achieving it at will varies from individual to individual.

Each of us has got various levels of susceptibility. That is the variable which determines the depth of hypnosis state that we can reach. Moreover achieving hypnotic state at will also will depend on this aspect. Some people whom are more suggestible will go deep straight into meditation at will as well as for longer periods of time.

Having mentioned that, experts will tell you that the benefit we get does not rely on the above mentioned factors. In other words all of us could derive some gain out of hypnosis. The gain we obtain additionally depends upon our personality and other individual characteristics. But aside from these the factors which rule the gain one can obtain from hypnosis is the drive you have and the commitment you are ready to show.

People who visit their hypnotherapist or listen to recordings on a frequent basis are likely to benefit more. The more you are motivated to use self hypnosis or any other reprogramming mind method, the more benefit you obtain. Hypnosis is not a magic spell that can be effortlessly cast on any person. It needs one to be highly motivated and dedicated if you really want to bring in the sought after changes. This is true not only with hypnosis but any therapy that you implement.

The key element is your mindset. If you are against hypnosis you will certainly not derive any benefit. If you are concentrating too much on the results instead of enjoying the rewards you will be wasting your time and efforts again. You will be hung with obstacles which will impede your progress and also influence negatively the amount of benefit that you can truly obtain from hypnosis.

That’s why the best strategy for one to appreciate the benefits of self hypnosis is to let go, relax and enjoy the results. Don’t oppose anything. Let things to take a natural course. The more conscious efforts you put in the less the benefits will come naturally to you.

Each one us can benefit from self hypnosis. The degree of benefit surely will depend on how open one is and how much commitment one demonstrates. Therefore, your mindset is the key drive for you to derive the highest degree of benefit from Hypnosis.

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Hypnosis: Discover What You Can Do With Hypnosis!

Hypnosis can provide numerous benefits for you… in the many ways that you live your life. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can work to help you accomplish desired change.

What Do You Want in Your Life?

* Would you like to stop smoking… but are struggling to succeed?
* Do you want to lose weight… but find old habits get in the way?
* Have you wished you could eat healthfully… but fall back on junk-food choices?
* Are you stymied about how to reduce the effects of stress… and don’t know where to begin?
* Are you extremely negative… and don’t believe you could ever possibly change this?

If any of these experiences “speak out” to you, you might want to investigate Hypnosis!

How Can You Best Benefit from Hypnosis?

When you are determined to take charge in your life, you establish a powerful preliminary attitude for getting top benefits from Hypnosis. When you are firm about taking responsibility for your life – and for solving the problems in your life – you are putting yourself into the best frame-of-mind to have Hypnosis work well for you!

Actually, the possibilities of what Hypnosis can do – the benefits that it can create in your life – are limited only by your ability to define what you want! Truly the possibilities are endless.

Hypnosis helps you to focus your mind specifically on the outcomes you want in your life. In addition, Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you achieve these outcomes.

How Does Hypnosis Work with Your Subconscious Mind?

Hypnosis is a state of mind. In the hypnotic state of mind, you are relaxed in body, while your mind is aware and alert. This allows your subconscious mind – the deep part of your mind – to spring into action.

Your subconscious mind – by its very nature – brings into reality that which you are thinking. Your subconscious mind takes your thoughts – the contents of your mind – and creates them in your life. It is principle by which self-fulfilling prophecy operates.

By the principle of self-fulfilling prophecy, whatever you think about an event, you get to be right! It doesn’t matter what you think, by virtue of your thoughts, you create the very outcomes that those thoughts describe!

This is powerful!

It points out the need to pay very close and particular attention to that which you are thinking! Since your subconscious mind stands to create it, it is important that you watch carefully over the direction of that creation.

In other words, it is important that you closely monitor your thoughts. Hypnosis provides a pathway to assert that careful monitor over your thoughts! Hypnosis also provides clarity in the direction of those thoughts. Hypnosis is designed to create thoughts – in the form of suggestions – specifically tailored to the outcomes that you want to see become a part of your life!

It is a process of positive mental conditioning.

What Can You Accomplish with Positive Mental Conditioning?

Hypnosis can be used to dramatically improve attitude, outlook, skills, memory and comprehension, focus and concentration, creativity, as well as a whole host of other results. Hypnosis can assist in improving personal well-being. It can help with such skills as anger management, stress management, time management, and goal achievement.

Hypnosis has also been found to help its subjects alleviate fears and phobias – including fears of the dark, of heights, of closed spaces, of insects. Since these phobias reside in the deeper areas of the mind, Hypnosis can be the perfect vehicle to use to get to them and “weed” them out..

Through the use of Hypnosis, those fears are accessed and altered. Using hypnotic techniques irrational thoughts and fears can be eradicated. Once this occurs, more productive, neutral and/or healthy perspectives toward the stimuli are left behind.

What Can You Do from Here?

I invite you to explore these ideas over and over to find out for yourself how Hypnosis might help YOU… make effective changes in your life!

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Hypnosis And Its Amazing Effects

Are you going through psychological trauma? Do you have certain unexplained ailments? You can actually come out of such conditions through hypnotherapy. The therapy has always remained very beneficial to many that engage in it. Let’s uncover the amazing effects the therapy can have on anybody.

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is very important when you’re going through stressful conditions without no just cause. If you’re having anxiety over some certain issues in your life, you may need to go for the therapy. If you’re having insomnia and other likely condition, you really need hypnosis in order to be free from them. Again, if you lack self confidence or self esteem, there’s really a reason for that; hypnosis can help you discover the cause. If you lack proper motivation to life, you could be helped through hypnosis. If you’re also having various physical ailments that have refused treatments, hypnotherapy can actually solve the problem for you.

What You Can Achieve through Hypnosis

When you engage in a fruitful hypnosis session, you’re sure to achieve a lot. In most cases, the root cause of your problem is usually discovered. This helps a lot in putting a final end to your condition. If for instance, you’re an addict to alcohol or drugs, hypnosis could help a lot in discovering the actual reason behind that. You’ll also begin to know more about your life through hypnosis. You’ll be able to balance different areas of your life when you engage in a fruitful hypnosis. Your self confidence is also sure to improve. You’ll gain mastery over your life and events happening around you. Moreover, hypnosis can actually help you to enjoy better health since it can address various physical ailments as well.

Modes of Hypnosis

Hypnosis could be carried out in two ways, first, through an expert in the field and secondly on personal basis. In most cases, it’s always easier to contact a hypnotherapist who is well trained in the field. This is usually the case when you don’t know anything about self hypnosis. A good hypnotherapist can guide you through the various processes involved. In most case, he or she will end up helping you to realize the root causes of your problems and how best to tackle the situations.

On the other hand, self hypnosis is also very beneficial when you take time to discover how to go about it. Let’s take a look into that.

What is Self Hypnosis?

Simply put, self hypnosis is the art of conducting a session of hypnosis on you. Hypnosis is actually a state of mind in which various suggestions are acted upon more consistently than under normal conditions. In most cases, you have to be well relaxed to engage in the self hypnosis. You can always enjoy the session if you take time to learn how it operates. In most cases, a trained hypnotherapist can teach you how best to engage in self hypnosis. You could be given a tape or CD that can help you learn the process.

What You can achieve with self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is very good in the sense that it requires no drugs or strenuous activities. It’s actually non-toxic and a better alternative to painkiller drugs. It allows you to rejuvenate your body and mind to a greater sense of well being. Self hypnosis can help you stop ugly habits such as smoking, addictions, and eating disorders and so on. It can help you manage stress. It increases your level of awareness to life situations. It increases concentration and also improves your self confidence. You can deal with insomnia through self hypnosis. It can as well be a catalyst that can help you realize your set goals in life.

The hypnosis is a practice that can change your life forever. Take time to engage in it by locating a good hypnotherapist who can take you through the process. Find out more from

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis Weight Loss

Hypnosis is a term that has been used in the last one and half centuries after being coined by a Scottish surgeon named James Braid. It is often performed by a hypnotherapist who would dangle an object and help the patient or client experience a numbness of the nervous system out of concentrating on the particular action. Today, self-hypnosis weight loss is considered one of the alternative medicines as it has proven to be effective.

There are several benefits of self-hypnosis weight loss when compared to other methods of losing weight. It may be prudent at this point to list out some of the other known means of cutting down weight. The first is through diet management. This involves eating certain foods such as fruits, vegetables and roughage in increasing quantities and reducing intake of free glucose sources such as refined sugar. Secondly is to engage in physical exercises that increase breakdown of excess fat in the tissues. These include aerobics, taking walks and even light weightlifting. Last is the use of herbal therapies and surgery. These are often expensive.

The benefit of self-hypnosis weight loss is that one is able to achieve losing weight through conditioning of the mind. It should be pointed out at this point in the discussion that whichever method that is recommended for losing weight, the engagement of the mind must be achieved before it usefulness is realized. One must get to a point where they enjoy the prescription for losing weight. They should also be able to believe that it will work to their benefit and not perceive it as being tiring task. These are the benefits that hypnosis that is self-administered brings to traditional weight loss. Therefore, we are not suggesting that you avoid the traditional weight loss strategies; rather you should complement it with hypnosis to make it effective and sustainable.

Besides increasing the ability to adhere to the weight loss prescription, the self-hypnosis would make reduce the cost of the process. There are those that belong to the school of thought that hypnosis must be administered by a second person. Most scientists are however now in agreement that whatever the source of the stimulus, it takes the individual to eventually hypnotize self. Therefore once the individual has learnt how to self-administer, he or she can cut down on costs of having to be supported in performing a routine that they now enjoy.

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Eliminate Your Cigarette Habit By Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

You can eliminate your habit by using hypnosis to quit smoking if you personally want to stop. Hypnosis works for anyone with an open mind who does not want to be forced to do something. That is why it is important that you want to quit smoking. If you are giving up your habit because someone else wants you to, hypnosis may not work.

There is no reason to fear hypnosis, it is a process of concentrated relaxation. The goal is to let your conscious mind become less active, so your subconscious will be receptive to suggestions. For example, have you ever been somewhere when a song is playing in the background but you are doing something repetitive, something that doesn’t take much thought. When you are done and you are away from the song, chances are you will either hum that tune or sing it to yourself. That is because your subconscious heard the song. It is that simple, with repetition your subconscious mind can help you to remove the desire to smoke.

Your conscious mind is what thinks, reasons and rationalizes. Sometimes you may even feel that what you are doing is different than what you really want to do. This is why your conscious mind needs to be relaxed or quieted when going through hypnosis.

When you use hypnosis to quit smoking, you will need to reinforce the suggestion that you are a non-smoker repeatedly. You can do this by either finding a certified hypnotherapist, or using self-hypnosis. If you go to a therapist be prepared to return for several visits. They will also give you a tape that offers techniques for relaxation so you can reach your subconscious at home. When that state is reached you will than go through a series of imaging that you are trying to smoke a cigarette but the taste is so bad you are disgusted by it, or you hate the smell and the smoke makes you sick.

When you hear the suggestion of how you hate cigarettes, your subconscious will eventually make this a reality to your conscious mind.  On the tape you will listen to how much better you look and feel now that you are a non-smoker. At the end of the tape you will be brought out of the hypnotic state by being told how relaxed and energetic you feel.

The results from using hypnosis to quit smoking prove to work twice as well as using a nicotine patch or gum alone. It is ok to use the patch along with the hypnosis if you feel this will help you achieve better results. As long as you remain consistent with the suggestions, you will stop smoking without any of the normal withdrawal symptoms.

Using self-hypnosis works just as well as seeing a therapist. Since the therapist will give you a tape to reinforce the suggestions of being a non-smoker made at the office, it is the same as if you purchased a tape or even if you make one yourself. Whatever method you choose hypnosis to quit smoking has worked for millions of people and it can work for you too.

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