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Hypnosis CDs For Smoking and Weight Loss

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Happy Lady

If you’re reading this you have either used a self hypnosis CD or are curious in some way about a self hypnosis CD. There is a saying in hypnotism that “all hypnosis is self hypnosis.” This is true in the respect that hypnosis is a personal and internal experience and can only be allowed by the individual, not forced upon you. However, a self hypnosis CD is a more specific item for a specific purpose.

As someone who works with people to assist and guide them to their positive changes I couldn’t or didn’t want to create a smoking hypnosis CD knowing it was the wrong way to go about this. What would have been best is if the person used my increase confidence and self esteem CD and did what was truly right for them by acting on what they believed.

It’s obvious this person wanted the smoking hypnosis CD because they were afraid to lose their partner but geesh, who in their right mind helps a person want to smoke? Maybe there’s a whole new niche there … how to get people to do all the bad things we should stop hypnosis CDs.

One of the more common topics a hypnotist is known to work with clients for is smoking cessation and why you can find a lot of hypnotists who offer a stop smoking hypnosis CD. When it comes to any negative habit there can be a variety of reasons why people do it and not just one stop smoking hypnosis CD may be best. A stop smoking hypnosis CD set may be best so more can be covered in the audio hypnosis sessions.

Is there any more common hypnosis product available then a weight loss hypnosis CD? Considering weight loss is a $40 Billion industry it’s easy to understand why so many people are creating them. The thing to know is like in anything else they are not all the same. As a matter of fact a weight loss hypnosis CD or complete program can vary tremendously.

The most important thing I look for as a consumer, after I feel I have made an informed decision, is to know I have no risk to try the product. You may ask, how can there be no risk? What if the product, like weight loss hypnosis CDs, isn’t any good at all? There is no risk if there is a money back guarantee.

If I have the opportunity to use the product, learn whether it is what it has been promoted to be or not and have the option to get a refund, there’s no risk. I do this all the time but I am glad to say almost never have I had to send the product back. This is because I am still sure to research what I buy, the person or company I buy it from and anything else that helps me make the best decision I can.

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Use The Power of Hypnosis to Hypnotize Anyone

Self hypnosis CDs can be availed for just about anything from stop smoking program to relaxation, weight loss, stress, to boost confidence, allay fears and phobias, addictions and trivial things such as biting nails.

No doubt, hypnosis CDs are amazing stress busting products but the big question that beckons answer is why one should go for CDs when they can have a personal consultation with a professional and whether the CDs are really helpful in meeting their purposes given the fact that they emphasize buyers to learn hypnotism ahead of self treating.

To begin with, hypnosis CDs really work wonders provided you are relaxed and conducive to be hypnotized easily. They are much more effective today than they were earlier thanks to the concept of personalization element introduced into them to suit your specific preferences and personality- on the same line as they would be when you are personally consulting with a therapist.

To be fair to them, some of them are designed to channel the bursting energy working in you for a constructive expression, which when accomplished will bring a much deserved respite. Some of these wonderful self hypnosis CDs are highly effective and are ahead of their time. With them, you can expect to develop focus, a basic long lasting happiness for better personal control.

Agreed that there are voices raised against the authenticity and practicality of using CDs but notwithstanding this, some of them are really professional being made by accredited and highly experienced practitioners to high standards employing high tech recording facilities.

Even the skeptics can treat the self hypnosis CDs as the first step in your journey. Being made available as CDs or in MP3 format they make you feel relaxed and focused besides being a way to take you into deep sleep in order to give you a few moments to rejuvenate.

Be reminded that hypnosis CDs are available in a progressive series of applications intended to offer controlling access to select functions of the brain. The only thing you are expected to be aware of is how frequently you should listen to them. This is critical to have the desired effect on your ailment without which it is hard to see any difference and effect the CDs are made for. This is understandable if you make a small analogy of the situation with dosage and frequency of medicines a physician may prescribe.

Self hypnosis CDs play a big role in helping you realize your goals. Although CDs never ably substitute for a therapist they have their quintessential duties cut out to in helping the discerning people.

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Quit Smoking Through Self Hypnosis

If you are a smoker, you probably have experienced many troubling symptoms that usually accompany this nasty habit, such as experiencing breathlessness after just walking a few flights of stairs or having a hacking cough in the early morning. Some of you may even have already developed emphysema or, worse, lung cancer. The problem is you can’t seem to stop smoking that cigarettes or cigars.

Aside from being addicted to nicotine, there are other reasons why you can’t seem to quit, such as you are intimidated by the struggles involved in quitting the habit or you are afraid of the mood swings and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that you are sure to experience. Thankfully, self hypnosis can help you to get rid of this bad habit while, at the same time, bypassing all the struggles that accompany nicotine withdrawal. It will also prevent you from quitting one bad habit, such as smoking to overeating.

How do self hypnosis techniques work? Self hypnosis gives you the chance to tap into your subconscious which you could not do consciously through your will power. You have probably heard that most often abused phrase “I lack the will power to stop smoking.” But the fact of the matter is you DO have the will power. The problem is your subconscious mind dominates over your emotions and habits, and this includes smoking. You will need your subconscious to “cooperate” with your will power or for your will and conscious mind to be dominant if you are to quit smoking. This is where self hypnosis comes in. By using powerful motivators or “suggestions”, you will be able to get your subconscious mind’s cooperation, which will in turn enable you to stop smoking.

There are many phases to self hypnosis. The first phase is the use of meditation techniques to achieve a complete state of relaxation. This can be achieved by allotting a room or space in your home and a particular time in which you can meditate and practice putting yourself in a trance-like state without being bothered. The next phase is to create positive self hypnosis scripts. These scripts should always be phrased positively and in the present tense. Always refer to yourself as “I”. Some good examples of self hypnosis scripts include “I am going to quit smoking and I am happy with this decision”, “I am going to reduce the number of cigarettes that I smoke per day”, or “I am in complete control. I will not let my cigarettes and smoking habit control me.”

Recent research studies have revealed that self hypnosis is one of the most effective ways by which you can stop smoking. Performing self hypnosis techniques on a regular basis will allow your subconscious mind to accept your desire to quit smoking. With time, patience and a lot of practice in the various self hypnosis techniques, you will soon find yourself living a healthy, smoke-free life.

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