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Hypnotize Anyone Without Them Knowing It

If you were able to hypnotize someone, without them knowing and get them to bow to your commands, imagine what magnificent benefits you may be able to advantage. You could persuade your employer to give you that well deserved, or not so well deserved raise you’ve been waiting for.

You may be able to convince salespersons to accept your less than generous offers, or make the object of your affections fall for you.

Well by taking a simple hypnosis course, you may be able to hypnotize anyone, and everyone into giving you anything and everything you want and need. There is no need for super human psychic powers, magic, or any spell casting knowledge. Hypnosis requires none of that nonsense. It is a simple condition of the mind that allows manipulation by anyone of average intelligence.

Anyone can learn to hypnotize someone, and get exactly what they want from them.

What we a re talking about is the art of conversational hypnosis, otherwise known as covert hypnosis. What this method of subliminal persuasion entails is little more than learning when to recognize when your subject’s subconscious mind is at it’s most vulnerable point during an ordinary conversation. At this point you may administer a subtle suggestion to the “victim’s” subliminal consciousness.

Within minutes the covert hypnosis techniques you have applied will begin to show results!

In as short as a few minutes of casually conversing with your subject, the covert hypnotic suggestion you successfully plant in their mind may begin to show results. It’s simple, easy, anyone can learn to do it, and the benefits are endless.

And remember, no one ever will know they have been hypnotized. It’s your secret.

With a little practice, you can learn how to hypnotize anyone. Find out how by claiming your free hypnosis course…

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Hypnotize People Conversationally



Do you want to be able to influence others? Be persuasive in your arguments and have the people around you follow your lead? If you want to become a “social Alpha”, and use conversational hypnosis in ethical ways, then you should read this article. We’re going to cover the benefits and history of conversational hypnosis, and most importantly give you a quick start on how to hypnotize people conversationally.

So let’s get started!

History of Conversational Hypnosis

It started with Dr. Milton H. Erickson, who was arguably the greatest hypnotherapist of the 20th century. Back in his times, the American Medical Association forbid medical doctors to practice hypnosis with their patients. Erickson didn’t want to let go of this powerful method that helped so many of the people who came to see him for help – but he didn’t want to lose his license to practice as an M.D. either.

That’s why he developed ways to hypnotize people secretly – nobody knew that hypnosis was being practiced, because non of that “you’re getting sleepy, and as a I count to three, you fall in a deep trance” hypnosis talk was going on. Rather, Erickson was “just talking” to people. It was really a kind of camouflaged hypnosis.

Many brilliant minds, including Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), studied Erickson’s method and taught it to others. One of the most outstanding students in recent days was a guy named Igor, who is now himself teaching these methods very successfully.

Why Master Conversational Hypnosis?

Why should you care to master conversational hypnosis? What will it do for you in your life? That’s a great question to ask, and since I don’t know you personally, I can’t tell you precisely, but here’s just some of the things it COULD do for you:

  • make you more authoritative and influential
  • be able to negotiate a higher salary, a promotion, better prices with your customers and cheaper prices from your suppliers
  • make friends with anybody by making “instant rapport”
  • easily make others want to do what you want them to do
  • compel colleagues to do what you want
  • have children and teenagers listen to you – and respect you
  • get anyone to say “yes”
  • and much more…

How To Hypnotize Conversationally

The first step if you want to influence someone is to clearly define for yourself what it is that you want them to do. I know this sounds obvious, but oftentimes people “just want to influence people”, but don’t know about what, and then they wonder why they’re not persuasive.

Next, you need to gain rapport. There are ways to persuade people without rapport, but for the beginning it’s a lot easier to use rapport to get things your way.

After that, you “plant ideas” in their minds. This is very important, because you don’t want people to be perceiving you as if you boss them around. Rather, make them feel like they do what they want because THEY want. Make them feel like it’s their own idea.

Then, elicit a commitment from them and do a future pace that makes them imagine the positive results they get from taking the action you want them to.

If all this sounds oversimplified, then you’re right. This is highly oversimplified. There’s a lot more to it – specific techniques and a certain methodology how to do it, clearly defined steps.

But this article is just to give you an introduction – I couldn’t possibly squeeze all that information in here. If you are really interested in the subject matter and want to learn conversational hypnosis, you’re in for a treat: a free, interactive email course – to claim it, just visit There you will also find free hypnosis videos, articles and much more.


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Effective Communication With Covert Hypnosis

Surprise Face

Surprise Face

The art of hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years. In the modern world hypnosis has been use to cure patient with acute mental illnesses. Hypnotherapists also use the same process to help people who lack self confidence and to overcome phobias. A lot of people are very intrigued with the science of hypnosis and wander how they can hypnotize someone. This article will provide some information on the basic skill of hypnotism.

If you are keen to learn this new skill, you must first understand the different forms of hypnosis. One of the most popular techniques is known as Covert Hypnosis or Conversational Hypnosis. Covert hypnosis is the process of subtly leading to a person we are talking into a serene, safe and comfortable feeling known as a “trance”. A hypnotist is able to do so by first building a strong rapport. When a person goes into a trance, his subconscious mind is hyper sensitive and is very susceptible to suggestion. To hypnotize someone, all you have to do is use certain powerful suggestion words or body gestures and the other person will be inclined to follow your instruction.

Learning how to hypnotize people is not as difficult as you might think. There are a certain skill and process you must understand before you can easily influence someone in a casual conversation. A beginner hypnotist usually would not be able to influence anyone when they are starting. However, you can cut short your learning curve by practicing your skill under the supervision of a covert hypnosis coach or teacher.

Do you want to learn more about hypnosis? Find out how to hypnotize someone discreetly, without them being aware of it by learning the art of Covert Hypnosis. You can find out more by clicking the following link –

Learn the secret art of Covert Hypnosis to –

  • Hypnotize someone without them realizing it
  • Make anyone you talk to follow your lead
  • Convince your prospects to buy only your products
  • Make people say ‘Yes’ to almost anything you tell them

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    Use The Power of Hypnosis to Hypnotize Anyone

    Self hypnosis CDs can be availed for just about anything from stop smoking program to relaxation, weight loss, stress, to boost confidence, allay fears and phobias, addictions and trivial things such as biting nails.

    No doubt, hypnosis CDs are amazing stress busting products but the big question that beckons answer is why one should go for CDs when they can have a personal consultation with a professional and whether the CDs are really helpful in meeting their purposes given the fact that they emphasize buyers to learn hypnotism ahead of self treating.

    To begin with, hypnosis CDs really work wonders provided you are relaxed and conducive to be hypnotized easily. They are much more effective today than they were earlier thanks to the concept of personalization element introduced into them to suit your specific preferences and personality- on the same line as they would be when you are personally consulting with a therapist.

    To be fair to them, some of them are designed to channel the bursting energy working in you for a constructive expression, which when accomplished will bring a much deserved respite. Some of these wonderful self hypnosis CDs are highly effective and are ahead of their time. With them, you can expect to develop focus, a basic long lasting happiness for better personal control.

    Agreed that there are voices raised against the authenticity and practicality of using CDs but notwithstanding this, some of them are really professional being made by accredited and highly experienced practitioners to high standards employing high tech recording facilities.

    Even the skeptics can treat the self hypnosis CDs as the first step in your journey. Being made available as CDs or in MP3 format they make you feel relaxed and focused besides being a way to take you into deep sleep in order to give you a few moments to rejuvenate.

    Be reminded that hypnosis CDs are available in a progressive series of applications intended to offer controlling access to select functions of the brain. The only thing you are expected to be aware of is how frequently you should listen to them. This is critical to have the desired effect on your ailment without which it is hard to see any difference and effect the CDs are made for. This is understandable if you make a small analogy of the situation with dosage and frequency of medicines a physician may prescribe.

    Self hypnosis CDs play a big role in helping you realize your goals. Although CDs never ably substitute for a therapist they have their quintessential duties cut out to in helping the discerning people.

    Discover the power of hypnosis and how you can use self hypnosis CDs by reading the following article


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