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Hypnosis CDs For Smoking and Weight Loss

Happy Lady

Happy Lady

If you’re reading this you have either used a self hypnosis CD or are curious in some way about a self hypnosis CD. There is a saying in hypnotism that “all hypnosis is self hypnosis.” This is true in the respect that hypnosis is a personal and internal experience and can only be allowed by the individual, not forced upon you. However, a self hypnosis CD is a more specific item for a specific purpose.

As someone who works with people to assist and guide them to their positive changes I couldn’t or didn’t want to create a smoking hypnosis CD knowing it was the wrong way to go about this. What would have been best is if the person used my increase confidence and self esteem CD and did what was truly right for them by acting on what they believed.

It’s obvious this person wanted the smoking hypnosis CD because they were afraid to lose their partner but geesh, who in their right mind helps a person want to smoke? Maybe there’s a whole new niche there … how to get people to do all the bad things we should stop hypnosis CDs.

One of the more common topics a hypnotist is known to work with clients for is smoking cessation and why you can find a lot of hypnotists who offer a stop smoking hypnosis CD. When it comes to any negative habit there can be a variety of reasons why people do it and not just one stop smoking hypnosis CD may be best. A stop smoking hypnosis CD set may be best so more can be covered in the audio hypnosis sessions.

Is there any more common hypnosis product available then a weight loss hypnosis CD? Considering weight loss is a $40 Billion industry it’s easy to understand why so many people are creating them. The thing to know is like in anything else they are not all the same. As a matter of fact a weight loss hypnosis CD or complete program can vary tremendously.

The most important thing I look for as a consumer, after I feel I have made an informed decision, is to know I have no risk to try the product. You may ask, how can there be no risk? What if the product, like weight loss hypnosis CDs, isn’t any good at all? There is no risk if there is a money back guarantee.

If I have the opportunity to use the product, learn whether it is what it has been promoted to be or not and have the option to get a refund, there’s no risk. I do this all the time but I am glad to say almost never have I had to send the product back. This is because I am still sure to research what I buy, the person or company I buy it from and anything else that helps me make the best decision I can.

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Stopping Smoking? Consider Hypnosis!



Nicotine Replacement Patches? Gum? Pills? There are many stop smoking “products” on the market that you can choose. So why should you consider hypnosis?

1) Hypnosis is a “process”, not a “product”

Hypnosis permanently changes your attitude towards smoking. Its power comes from your desire to become a non-smoker. Hypnosis literally “switches off” any thoughts of smoking.

Patches and Gum do the opposite – by using these products you are subconsciously saying “There is something that I need in a cigarette, therefore I need to substitute the cigarette with something else.” You may replace one habit with another.

2) Hypnosis is Healthy and Safe

You’re trying to rid your body of toxins … so why would you replace the nicotine in cigarettes with the nicotine in gum or in patches? Nicotine is a poison?

3) Hypnosis is Fast and Easy

Using Hypnosis you can be a non-smoker in one hour or less. Patches and Gum often require weeks or months of treatmene

4) Hypnosis is Permanent

Because Hypnosis permanently changes your attitude towards smoking you have very little chance of relapse at any point in the future. You become a non-smoker.

With other products this mental change has not taken place and therefore you are at best an “ex smoker” continually having to consciously fend off and fight the urge to smoke. Making a relapse more likely.

When the shift to becoming a non-smoker takes place with Hypnosis one no longer has to battle against cigarettes. They will simply fade away as an “enemy”.

5) Hypnosis may be Tax Deductible. Patches and Gum are not.

If you are US taxpayer, you can deduct the cost of smoking cessation programs from your taxes.

From the IRS website (

Are expenses for smoking cessation programs deductible?

You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for a program to stop smoking. Unreimbursed amounts you pay for participation in a smoking cessation program and for prescribed drugs designed to alleviate nicotine withdrawal are expenses for medical care that are deductible subject to the 7.5% of adjusted gross income limitation if you itemize deductions on Form 1040, Schedule A (PDF), Itemized Deductions.

However, you cannot include in medical expenses amounts you pay for drugs that are designed to help stop smoking that do not require a prescription, such as nicotine gum or patches.

6) Hypnosis is more effective than Patches or Gum

Hypnosis has a 70-80% success rate for those committed to becoming a non smoker. Because the burdens on the patch or gum user are so great, those manufacturers can only boast a 50-60% success rate.

Furthermore most reputable hypnotherapists will offer a guarantee (see )of effectiveness stating that if you do not become a non smoker, you do not pay.

And thats not something you’ll see on a box of nicotine replacement products!

Matt Godson, Clinical Hypnotherapist Godson runs FreshStart(tm) the internet stop smoking solution
Stop smoking


Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Doctor Recommended

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Stop Smoking for Pregnancy: Self Hypnosis

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Hypnosis Therapy for Healthy Living



Hypnosis therapy is a way to reprogram the mind. Over time and years of experience there are certain programming that builds up within our memory and brain. Sometimes these thoughts and feelings can be irrational or cause us to harbor emotions that are faulty. Without intervention and ridding of these negative thoughts and feelings they will likely continue throughout life causing serious problems.

These irrational thoughts can cause fear, anxiety and in some cases even hatred. In order to move on in life, these thoughts and experiences need to be replaced with productive thoughts. For example, if a person grew up in a home that was full of hatred they likely will continue on the faulty tradition. Hatred not only hurts the individual or group that is targeted, but also the individual that carries the resentment. Hatred is not a healthy emotion nor allows for a productive life.

In order to dispel these thoughts, hypnotherapy can be used to instill the correct way of thinking. Replacing the hate script with scripting that allows for everyone to be equal. Equality is the way of the world and if you are stuck with hatred, hypnosis therapy can help you remove and reprogram the brain.

Many people throughout the world have fears or reservations about many different things. Most dismiss the phobia and avoid what ever their fear is. What they do not realize is that these fears and anxiety are caused by something in the past. Some experience or happening most likely had a negative impact on their life causing the fear. For example, some people are scared of dogs and may not understand why.

During hypnotherapy they may uncover that as a small child they were attacked or bite by a dog. This would explain the fear. Even though they did not recall the incident the brain still stored the event in the unconscious. The memory was very much alive and in action though the person did not understand why they had a fear of dogs.

This is why hypnotherapy is so effective, it allows for memories and thoughts to be recovered then changed. The damage still remains and the mind will always be leery around dogs, but at least the individual can have a better understanding, learning to cope with dogs and not fear them.

Anxiety disorder affects millions of individuals every year. These distortions are based on the irrational fears of others viewing them or looking upon them in a negative light. The best way to dispel these irrational fears is to face them and learn to hold their chin up, facing their fears with clinical hypnosis. The scripting in their mind has become such that they hear things that are not even really there.

The same fear that a person has of an animal is the same fear that the panic or anxiety disorder individual suffers in a crowd of people. Though it is not a realistic fear it is still very real to them. Everyone has some type of fear or anxiety, but everyone is different. So what may be a fear for one person may not be for another. That is the reason that some do not understand how anyone could be afraid of a crowd, bird or cat.

There are millions of phobias and fears. Hypnosis therapy can help change those anxiety scripts and replace them with a normal script that allows the person to coexist in their environment without fear. Fears cost millions every year in sick days and hospital visits. A hypnosis session is very reasonable and can change the programming of the mind very quickly.

Fears are very real and individuals try very hard to reason their fears away. Unfortunately this is not always successful and it leaves the individual to suffer throughout their lives. Hypnosis treatment can teach the individual how to reason and use logic to make a sound decision as to whether something is real or imagined.

In most cases fears are not logical or possible. For example, a patient that has a fear of cat realizes that a cat will not harm her, yet she is still afraid of them. This is an irrational fear and one that has not been followed through with logic or reasoning. In hypnosis the body is relaxed as well as the mind and allows the brain to rationalize the fear. This is the only true way to reprogram the brain! – Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis Learn what hypnosis is, how it affects your mind, what is possible through hypnosis therapy and how to hypnotize yourself and other people. Plus scripts, audios, how-to guides and more…



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Practice Hypnosis, Depression Will Vanish



Try and think of all the things that hypnosis could be used for. The first thing that comes to mind is definitely entertainment. Next use would likely be in therapy for people who have had traumatic experiences. But have you ever associated hypnosis with depression treatment? The truth is that with hypnosis, depression can become much easier to deal with and is a common remediation practice.

The technical term for using hypnosis to treat depression is hypnotherapy and it is widely used in the medical community to treat depression along with a handful of other ailments. The premise is that with control, you can go into the mind and find the emotions and memories that have been the cause of the depression. In a sense it can be dangerous because in some cases you may have to relive early childhood memories that may still be somewhat traumatizing. It’s been proven time and time again by both psychiatrists and physicians that it is an effective treatment and it may be helpful in your case. A man named Taylor Starr studied with an underground hypnotist group and has acquired some extremely powerful information that may be able to help you with your battle.

Hypnosis involves a lot of concentration, especially self-hypnosis so with practice you can gain more and more control over the mind. This added control will undoubtedly help you overcome depression if you’re determined. Taylor Starr’s program won’t be around for long though because it’s extremely controversial information. If you’re interested then you may want to check out his website at because it’s difficult to say just how long the program will be offered for. Remember that if you’re determined to learn hypnosis, depression will soon vanish.

About the Author

Jan Jameson writes for popular blog GetYourHypnosisInfoOnline.Com. He is an expert on hypnosis and his articles provide a stack of information on the subject, including hypnosis fear. Learn more about hypnosis when you check out the site today!


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Hypnotics for Sleep Problems

Drug-based hypnotics can be addictive or non-addictive. Of the addictive variety, there are the benzodiazepines like Halcion® and Restoril®. Zolpidem works on the same receptors as benzodiazepines but have a shorter duration of action. Of the non-addictive hypnotics, there are chloral hydrate and diphenhydramine, which is available over the counter and is gentle enough to be used in children and in older adults.

Hypnosis can be used in the same way as drug-based hypnotics. One goes through an induction with a CD or a hypnotherapist and is brought into a deep and relaxed state, after which suggestions are given that you are “very sleepy” and “unable to stay awake”. Truly susceptible people in a deep hypnotic trance will feel so sleepy that they cannot help but go to sleep. There is no “waking up period” during this type of hypnosis and the individual is allowed to sleep. This is why hypnotics-based hypnosis is best done on a CD that one just plays at home.

Some hypnotists can make hypnotics customized CDs for their clients based on the experiences of the client. The tape is made for the individual to use at home and hopefully to help them get a restful night’s sleep night after night using the CD or tape. A person can order an mp3 of a sleep digital tape that is put on their iPod and helps them drift off to sleep with a customizable mp3. It is amazing how well the individual can sleep without drugs.

So what are the pros and cons of each hypnotics variety? With drug based hypnotics, the individual will most likely get a good night’s sleep, at least for a while. There is a tendency to habituate to a hypnotic which is drug-based as the brain chemistry gets used to being on the drug. Eventually, it quits working as well as it once did and the individual may not sleep, even after taking the hypnotic. They must switch to a different hypnotic or increase the dose of the hypnotics they are taking.

With hypnosis as a hypnotic, there is less likely to be any habituation and the brain will continue to fall asleep when this form of hypnotics is used. In fact, one tends to become accustomed to the CD and will feel sleepy as soon as it is started. Your brain becomes used to the CD helping you fall asleep and you begin to feel like it is working in a Pavlovian way as soon as the CD is begun. It is unusual to become negatively habituated to a hypnosis CD.

Caterina Christakos is a published author and reviewer. Find out more about hypnosis and hypnosis training here:

Hypnosis for Migraine Headaches

relaxingThe idea of migraine hypnotherapy might seem like a contradiction in terms. How does your subconscious affect the physical nature of your body? How does the mind control pain? Often a common over the counter pill does the trick when it comes to headaches. Migraines, however, are much more than a mere headache.

Migraines are incapacitating, as anyone who has ever suffered from one will tell you. There are medications and other forms of treatment for migraines but in spite of these ways of dealing with migraines, some people are out of commission days due to this dreadful headache. To understand why hypnosis is one of the most successful treatments for migraines it is helpful to understand the nature of migraines.

Migraines are triggered by changes in your body that can be set off by stress, medications, certain foods, poor sleep patterns, and other factors that vary from individual to individual. The symptoms include debilitating pain. This can include nausea and vomiting which may be the body’s reaction to the pain that seems to throb throughout the entire body. Light can also negatively affect migraine sufferers and they often need to lie still in the dark to alleviate the discomfort.

Since migraines can last for days and since they often seem impervious to pain medications, it is imperative that a faster and more effective treatment be utilized. Migraine hypnosis has been studied and shown to be highly effective – more than three times the people treated with hypnosis stopped having migraines than those who stopped having migraines after being given the prescription medication prochlorperazine.

Prochlorperazine is used for treating mental and emotional disorders, such as psychotic disorders including schizophrenia. It controls severe nausea and vomiting and moderate to severe pain. Basically it covers the painful side effects of a migraine. Speaking of side effects, the side effects of prochlorperazine include body and facial tics.

Hypnosis on the other hand does not have side effects. It is also a lot easier on your body than any heavy-duty medications. The relaxation techniques included in migraine hypnosis work on the stress factor and other such triggers. Hypnosis can help with techniques that circumvent your usual migraine inducing elements.

Besides being less expensive and less dangerous than medication, migraine hypnosis is more effective. It reaches into your subconscious and works on helping you develop ways of getting around the stress and habits that cause migraines. If you suffer from migraine headaches, you owe it to yourself to try migraine hypnotherapy.

Eli Bliliuos is the founder of the New York Hypnosis Institute located in New York City. He specializes in helping clients who suffer from migraine headaches.

To learn more about migraine hypnosis, click here Migraine Hypnosis New York

New York Hypnosis Institute LLC
241 West 30 street
New York, NY 10001
To learn about hypnosis training, click here Hypnosis Training New York

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Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss And Quitting Smoking

Through self hypnosis and the possibly limitless power of the subconscious mind it’s possible – metaphorically speaking – to move mountains, not just lose weight or quit smoking. I say just lose weight or quit smoking not because I don’t realise how hard it can seem to succeed permanently with these aspirations, but because I know from personal experience and from that of others who have used hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight and overcome other seemingly insurmountable problems and habits that it can be done, permanently and quite easily.

If you’re living with an overeating or nicotine habit (or both) it’s probably the case that sometimes you think about how much better you’d feel without them, and there’s no doubt that you would feel much better without them, but almost simultaneously the implications of throwing away that nicotine or comfort food crutch flash into your conscious awareness, and you experience a little mental shudder as you try to imagine what the rest of your life would be like without them. Not just today, tomorrow and the next day, but for the rest of your life.

Many weight loss and quit smoking programs tell you to take things one day at a time, and not think about the days, months and years lying ahead, but how can you not think about it?

There are no precise statistics, but I think that it’s safe to assume that somewhere between 50 and 90% of all attempts to lose weight and quit smoking using the willpower only approach fail, either very soon or within a couple of months. Some smokers stop for several years but the subconscious thought patterns which kept them smoking were so deeply ingrained that they never really lost the urge, years after the physically addictive nicotine poison had left their bodies.

Similarly, with regard to weight gain and dieting, many people start out full of optimism and determination, sure that they’re going to win the battle to lose weight, slim down and generally feel better about themselves. Unfortunately it’s usually the case that before long this determination is worn down by the constant inner whisperings telling you that there’s no need to be so hard on yourself, a little treat now and then is ok, why not just have one of these delicious looking cakes or chocolate and so on.Before you know it, the diet has been thrown to the winds and you’ve actually gained more weight than you had before. A few weeks or so later, you resolve once again to lose weight and the whole cycle begins again.

The reason why most dieters and quitting smokers fail is because they’re unaware of or have failed to appreciate the role that the subconscious mind plays in these matters. If you’ve convinced yourself that you need comfort food, that you’ll be irritable and unhappy without it, somehow denied, then your subconscious will go along with that. You’ll then come to believe that it is in fact inevitable that you’d be unhappy and uncomfortable without it, and it’s this subconscious belief that sooner or later wears down the conscious resolve you had to lose weight.

Smoking addiction works in a slightly different way, partly because you first have to clear your system of nicotine, which is physically addictive. After around 4-8 days the nicotine poison has indeed left your system and you notice the physical benefits almost immediately. What you’re also noticing is that your mind won’t stop thinking about it. The deeply ingrained subconscious belief that you not only enjoy smoking but also need to smoke is constantly working its way into your conscious mind, creating the belief that you’re denying yourself something that you want and need, and that to go on doing so means that you’re somehow punishing yourself.

After a certain amount of time, whether it’s a couple of days or years, something gives way and you find some sort of justification for relieving yourself of this self punishment, whereby you decide that just one cigarette couldn’t do any harm. Much more often than not, that one cigarette is fairly swiftly followed by just one more, and before long you’re back to where you started.

The key to permanently breaking this cycle lies within the subconscious. With motivation, hypnosis/self hypnosis has been shown consistently to be the best and most effective method available for reaching and reprogramming subconscious thought patterns which cause you to believe that you need and want to smoke or overeat. Through relaxation, visualization and positive suggestion hypnotherapy or self hypnosis downloads can reach and influence the subconscious and replace these negative thought patterns with positive ones, leaving you with no desire whatsoever to smoke or to eat more than your body actually needs.

Find out more about self hypnosis and hypnosis to quit smoking. Be who you want to be and live the life that you want to live.

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