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Hypnotize Anyone Without Them Knowing It

If you were able to hypnotize someone, without them knowing and get them to bow to your commands, imagine what magnificent benefits you may be able to advantage. You could persuade your employer to give you that well deserved, or not so well deserved raise you’ve been waiting for.

You may be able to convince salespersons to accept your less than generous offers, or make the object of your affections fall for you.

Well by taking a simple hypnosis course, you may be able to hypnotize anyone, and everyone into giving you anything and everything you want and need. There is no need for super human psychic powers, magic, or any spell casting knowledge. Hypnosis requires none of that nonsense. It is a simple condition of the mind that allows manipulation by anyone of average intelligence.

Anyone can learn to hypnotize someone, and get exactly what they want from them.

What we a re talking about is the art of conversational hypnosis, otherwise known as covert hypnosis. What this method of subliminal persuasion entails is little more than learning when to recognize when your subject’s subconscious mind is at it’s most vulnerable point during an ordinary conversation. At this point you may administer a subtle suggestion to the “victim’s” subliminal consciousness.

Within minutes the covert hypnosis techniques you have applied will begin to show results!

In as short as a few minutes of casually conversing with your subject, the covert hypnotic suggestion you successfully plant in their mind may begin to show results. It’s simple, easy, anyone can learn to do it, and the benefits are endless.

And remember, no one ever will know they have been hypnotized. It’s your secret.

With a little practice, you can learn how to hypnotize anyone. Find out how by claiming your free hypnosis course…

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Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

Underground Hypnosis Course

Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open

Self-Change Hypnosis

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Hypnosis – 4 Terrific Tips for the Impressive and Confident Communication

Cute Cat

Cute Cat

By the end of this hypnotic article, you will be amazed, as you will posses all the qualities of a perfect, eloquent and impressive speaker. One of the important plus points of human being is their ability to express themselves freely. However, it is equally true that very few are able to utilize this talent and are able to make a friendly and healthy relationship with others.

Do you find difficulty in dealing with peoples? Does your absence or your presence make any difference for them? If your presence does not enthrall them nor your absence affects them, then there is something that you lack and that is your ability to influence them with your communication skills. However, you need not bother since hypnosis is your companion.

Here are the four terrific tips that can surely help you to make an everlasting impact on the others through your communication.

1. Your way of speaking: In hypnosis, the way you speak is given much preference and importance. The way to speak and express your views makes the huge difference. If you speak as if you are murmuring, the person will not get any interest in you nor will your company make any difference for him. So, make your company a beautiful experience rather than boring event. Speak as if you believe in what you are saying.

2. Believe what you say: One of the other ways in hypnosis that can establish you as a perfect and eloquent speaker is to believe in what you say. You cannot make others like or believe you if you your self do not believe in what you are saying. In other words, convey your message in way that can make others like you.

3. Be precise and specific in what you say: A vague or disturbed ideal cannot take the form of an ideal communication. You have to be clear and specific in communicating. With hypnosis, you can certainly improve yourself and the way you communicate.

4. Tone: In hypnosis for confident communication, your voice tonality is very important because it is the way in which the words come out of your mouth. The key to excellent communication is your perfect voice tonality. It is the pitch in which you speak. If your voice is nasal, you will irritate people and with an irritating tone, you cannot project a confident image. So, you should have a tonality that resonates within person and cause them to feel good.

EXERCISE: Hypnosis has a powerful exercise for you that can help you improve your tonality because it is one of the important things that makes the difference. Here is your tonality improvement exercise.

1. Sit comfortably in a place where you are not disturbed.

2. Close your eyes and now concentrate on what we are doing now.

3. Now, place your hand on your nose and say ‘this is my nose’. Notice your tonality. Notice the way your voice comes out of your mouth.

4. Now, place your hand on your throat, say ‘this is my throat’, and notice your tonality. You will find your tone is slightly changed. Your tone is not much irritating now.

5. Now, place your hand on your face and say ‘this is my face’. Notice your tonality. You will find it more improved.

6. The more you do it, the more improvement you will find in your tone. It will be no longer irritating.

This exercise is very simple, easy yet powerful exercise in hypnosis. The more you follow hypnosis, the more success and confidence will lead you. With hypnosis, you will find people appreciating you.

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About the Author

Pradeep Aggarwal is a world renowned hypnosis guru offers 15 part ecourse on Learn and Master How to Hypnotize yourself and others at


Secretly Hypnotize Anyone

Covert Hypnosis

Your Power Within!  Self Confidence through Hypnosis

Your Power Within!  Self Confidence through Hypnosis

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Hypnosis for Health


Do you know you can use health hypnosis as a psychological  treatment for a variety of illnesses with apparent success? While hypnosis is not always capable of curing physical disease, you can successfully use it to enhance relaxation and alleviate pain and other physical discomforts, and therefore to make a positive
contribution to the overall quality of your life.

Health hypnosis. In dermatology, suggestions given during trance have been found to help decrease psoriasis and intervene in psychosomatic aspects of the skin diseases. Studies show a very high recovery rate with hypnosis treatment of psoriasis; facts that prove that hypnosis can cure psoriasis:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy: 93%
recovery after 6 sessions
Continue reading

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?


Most people are pleasantly surprised with their first hypnotic experience. (I know I was!) While being hypnotized, you and your hypnotist will guide your body into a state of powerful and wonderful relaxation. Many people enjoy being hypnotized simply because there is no more effective way for relaxing themselves so deeply.

Once the hypnotic induction is completed, a hypnotized person is still completely aware of the room, can still hear everything going on, and is still thinking actively for themselves. They listen to the hypnotist and if the hypnotist gives them a suggestion they like, they choose to accept it.

“Waking up” from hypnosis feels like simply rousing oneself from a daydream. Because a hypnotized person has been basked in wonderfully deep relaxation, they usually feel recharged, energized, and feeling great emotionally.

If you have had positive experiences with hypnosis, it will naturally facilitate your re-experiencing it. If you are concerned that under hypnosis you might reveal some deep personal secrets, you should not be. You will reveal only what you wish unless the hypnotist is using unethical techniques, such as using mechanical devices or drugs to unearth or implant suggestions. Continue reading

Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis


You are probably amazed when you hear that such an obstinate habit like smoking could be cured by Hypnosis. But it is true. To really understand how this works i.e. how you could stop smoking through hypnosis, you are on your way to permanently rid yourself of this scourge. First off , you must understand what actually happens when you reach out for the next cigarette. And on the other hand you must know how hypnosis works and what it actually does. That is where is the connection between smoking and hypnosis.

First of all, you would agree that smoking is a habit which seems to be deeply entrenched and very difficult to root out. A habit is actually controlled by your subconscious mind and that is the reason why it is so difficult to stop smoking. Since you are using your conscious mind to urge yourself to stop smoking whereas it is the inner mind which actually needs to be worked on. And that is where hypnosis comes in. Because hypnosis essentially works on the inner mind.

Hypnosis is a technique which silences the outer, conscious mind and then once the outer mind is put to ‘sleep’, teaches the inner mind to change entrenched thought patterns. This is the entire process of hypnosis. Continue reading

Advantages of Learning Hypnosis Mind Control

Hypnosis 6

Hypnosis 6

Did you know that anyone can learn hypnosis mind control?

Today, you do not even need to have a college degree in order to gain access to course materials that will teach you how to use conversational hypnosis to your advantage. Regardless of your income level or social status, you will find that controlling the thoughts and actions of others is much easier than you ever dreamed possible. At the same time, once you understand the basic mechanisms associated with mind control, you will also begin to understand how others have been taking advantage of you for so long.

If you have ever felt ostracized, alone, or left out of all the fun, chances are someone in the group made use of hypnosis mind control mechanisms. Even though the individual may not have done so intentionally, the very fact that you always feel at a loss indicates that you need to learn how to make these processes work to your advantage instead. As you learn more about hypnosis, you will also be surprised to find that people with some of the worst ideas are able to gain the spotlight, while your better plans wind up never seeing the light of day.

There is no question that many people will try to tell you that hypnosis mind control is unethical. On the other hand, you have only to look at their behavior and communication strategies to realize that they are using elements of it themselves. Chances are, anytime you can establish a mental connection, or sense of solidarity with another person, some aspect of hypnosis is being used by one or both parties. As a result, you can think of learning to use hypnosis as simply being a means to gain the kinds of communication skills you should have had all along.

About the Author:

Can you make people do what you want simply by talking to them? Kirsten Brunswick believes you can. Kirsten writes for the popular website InstantHypnosisHelp.Com on topics like hypnosis mind control and more. Use conversational hypnosis to chart your path to success — visit the website to learn how!


Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis

Truth About Hypnosis

The Self-Hypnosis Diet: Use the Power of Your Mind to Reach Your Perfect Weight

Self-Hypnosis Revolution: The Amazingly Simple Way to Use Self-Hypnosis to Change Your Life

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Learn Self Hypnosis

Sunset View

Sunset View

The art of trying to learn self hypnosis may seem a little perplexing to some people, but in actual fact anyone can learn the techniques involved. Self hypnosis can be used to relax, take your mind off the stressful occurrences of day to day life, and alter your mentality and outlook towards life so that it is more positive.

The thing that most people don’t realise with self hypnosis is that it isn’t just a relaxation tool that you can use to delve deeply into a relaxed state where the usual quarrels and fears of the world are alleviated. Self hypnosis can be used for so much more, however people just don’t know what. You see, self hypnosis can be used to not only get in contact with our subconscious, but it can also be used to change the fundamental way it thinks and behaves in just about every single aspect.

This is to say that if we’d normally find a certain situation in our lives to be a little trifling or odd, that we can learn self hypnosis to help help overcome it. Now whether this problem is a fear, a phobia, anxiety, stress or just about any other psychologically related thing, doesn’t really matter, since hypnosis works the same way for all conditions. The thing we’re trying to do with self hypnosis is change certain aspects of the way we think and behave.

Now some people immediately become a little concerned when they think of themselves as being somehow changed drastically through self hypnosis, however there really isn’t anything much to worry about. The reason for this is because hypnosis doesn’t work against our fundamental principles and beliefs. If there’s a part of us that we don’t want to change, then we can’t simply put ourselves into hypnosis and have bad things happen and things changed that we don’t want to, hypnosis just doesn’t work like that you see. In order for change to occur, we have to want it. We have to be willing to alter the way we handle certain situations, or view various aspects of life. If for example we want to become more confident when giving public speeches, then that’s something we desire, a thing we want to change. When we put ourselves into self hypnosis, we will be able to make ourselves more confident, because that’s something we want to do.

So you’re perhaps wondering what is the best way that you can go about trying to learn self hypnosis, and what changes that you mind want to make in your life. Self hypnosis isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. All that is essentially required is that you find a bit of spare time where you can be alone, and guide your mind and body into a very relaxed and care free state. You can do this by imagining yourself doing something that you find relaxing, and the more that you do it, the more relaxed you can become. This is a similar methodology that practitioners of the eastern mantras utilise, the need to relax ones self before accepting suggestions, or mantras.

When you’re in this relaxed state, all you need to then do is give yourself positive suggestions. The keyword here is positive, as you don’t want to mention any bad words, even if you put the word ‘don’t’ or ‘won’t’ in front of them (eg: saying ‘I won’t feel nervous’ isn’t good since you’re still mentioning the word nervous, which is a bad keyword). The positive words you might use would consist of ‘confidence’ ‘determination’ and ‘relaxed’. You may say to yourself when you’re in self hypnosis ‘I want to always feel calm and relaxed’. Once you bring yourself out of hypnosis, then you’ve effectively planted the desired suggestion into your subconscious. This is essentially all there is to learning self hypnosis, and with time and practice you too will be able to enter into this state quite easily, and make the desired changes.

The author is a hypnotist of self hypnosis. You may want to check out his guide on ways to learn self hypnosis. You may view his site which contains ways to learn hypnosis free.


How To Be An Expert Persuader.. In 20 Days Or Less!

Mind Sync.

Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open

Self-Change Hypnosis

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How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Complement A Diet Or Exercise Program



Many people who have not done well at weight loss hypnosis programs usually do not have a good picture or have a realistic expectation of what the hypnosis therapy session can bring to them or what it can help to do to their bodies. It is those same bunch of people who thinks that their years of accumulated fat in their body will just disappear with just one session of hypnosis for weight loss program.

Going into such a program without a realistic expectation will most certainly cause the program to fail. No matter you are taking up a new diet program or a gym routine, you need to know what exactly the program is going to do for you and how long it takes and what are the milestones that you can measure against so you know you are making progress.

Taking up a weight loss hypnosis program thinking its a miracle pill is foolhardy. However, if used correctly, the program will give you the extra edge in gaining control over your weight. Engaging a good qualified hypnosis therapist will be tremendously helpful to you. One of the advice that they will give is that weight loss hypnosis is not something that you can use by itself, in that you cannot simply “think” your pounds away. If it was that simple, there would not be a need for the existence for gyms and diets. Does that mean that weight loss hypnosis is useless ? Nothing can be further from the truth.

Modern hypnosis techniques has been used and perfected over hundreds of years. They are used to build self-confidence, change and modify habits, stop smoking problems, improve memory and of course, helping people lose and manage weight. Many people who have picked up a diet or gym routine initially finds that their weight may be dropping slightly. They get so happy and lose their head and starts to overindulge in food again and their weight shoots back up. This cycle continues on and on, and they continue picking up new diet and exercise books to try it out, without realizing that the cause of the weight problems is in themselves.

Weight Loss Hypnosis complements your diet or gym routine by modifying the self-defeating thoughts hidden deep in your subconscious mind. It is in your subconscious mind that your feelings and emotions are kept. Many studies have shown that feelings and emotions are almost always stronger then logic. That’s why sometimes you know you should not be eating but then you “can’t help” but eat it anyway. All our habitual and behaviour controlling our thoughts resides in the subconscious mind. During a hypnotic session, a qualified weight loss hypnosis therapist will induce you into a relaxed, hypnotic state. Then the therapist will attempt to “re-program” your habits and inner thoughts to make you more aware of what you are eating, how much you are eating and how to control your appetite in a safe and natural way.

However, going for a hypnosis session is not the means to an end. For you to gain the most out of your hypnotic weight management sessions, the motivation to change must come from within you. Hypnotic suggestions should be repeated on a regular basis until you notice a change. You can either go for regular hypnotic sessions or you can purchase hypnotic cds for weight loss so you can listen to it every day till you notice a change. The key to succeeding relies on you wanting to change.

Weight Loss Hypnosis may sound tedious at first, yet, if done correctly, you will realize that suddenly you can follow any diet or gym routine that you have picked up for yourself without forcing yourself through it. You will learn to enjoy the diet routine because of your changed mindset towards food. No longer will you have uncontrollable cravings or overeating sessions. No longer will you skip your gym sessions because you are tired.

The hypnosis programs re-programs your thoughts and habits to make following your diet and gym sessions a second nature to you. This re-programming of thoughts and habits is even more important then just simply losing the weight because this is the part where it keeps the weight off for the rest of your life.

Hence, weight loss hypnosis is a powerful tool in helping you combat your weight management goals and it is a formidable partner in complementing any of your diet or exercise programs.

Alvin has been researching weight loss hypnosis programs and runs a weight loss hypnosis website which has reviews, information and cds.


Unconscious Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Self Hypnosis

Relax Your Way to Thin!  Hypnosis Weight Loss Motivation

Hypnotize People Conversationally



Do you want to be able to influence others? Be persuasive in your arguments and have the people around you follow your lead? If you want to become a “social Alpha”, and use conversational hypnosis in ethical ways, then you should read this article. We’re going to cover the benefits and history of conversational hypnosis, and most importantly give you a quick start on how to hypnotize people conversationally.

So let’s get started!

History of Conversational Hypnosis

It started with Dr. Milton H. Erickson, who was arguably the greatest hypnotherapist of the 20th century. Back in his times, the American Medical Association forbid medical doctors to practice hypnosis with their patients. Erickson didn’t want to let go of this powerful method that helped so many of the people who came to see him for help – but he didn’t want to lose his license to practice as an M.D. either.

That’s why he developed ways to hypnotize people secretly – nobody knew that hypnosis was being practiced, because non of that “you’re getting sleepy, and as a I count to three, you fall in a deep trance” hypnosis talk was going on. Rather, Erickson was “just talking” to people. It was really a kind of camouflaged hypnosis.

Many brilliant minds, including Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), studied Erickson’s method and taught it to others. One of the most outstanding students in recent days was a guy named Igor, who is now himself teaching these methods very successfully.

Why Master Conversational Hypnosis?

Why should you care to master conversational hypnosis? What will it do for you in your life? That’s a great question to ask, and since I don’t know you personally, I can’t tell you precisely, but here’s just some of the things it COULD do for you:

  • make you more authoritative and influential
  • be able to negotiate a higher salary, a promotion, better prices with your customers and cheaper prices from your suppliers
  • make friends with anybody by making “instant rapport”
  • easily make others want to do what you want them to do
  • compel colleagues to do what you want
  • have children and teenagers listen to you – and respect you
  • get anyone to say “yes”
  • and much more…

How To Hypnotize Conversationally

The first step if you want to influence someone is to clearly define for yourself what it is that you want them to do. I know this sounds obvious, but oftentimes people “just want to influence people”, but don’t know about what, and then they wonder why they’re not persuasive.

Next, you need to gain rapport. There are ways to persuade people without rapport, but for the beginning it’s a lot easier to use rapport to get things your way.

After that, you “plant ideas” in their minds. This is very important, because you don’t want people to be perceiving you as if you boss them around. Rather, make them feel like they do what they want because THEY want. Make them feel like it’s their own idea.

Then, elicit a commitment from them and do a future pace that makes them imagine the positive results they get from taking the action you want them to.

If all this sounds oversimplified, then you’re right. This is highly oversimplified. There’s a lot more to it – specific techniques and a certain methodology how to do it, clearly defined steps.

But this article is just to give you an introduction – I couldn’t possibly squeeze all that information in here. If you are really interested in the subject matter and want to learn conversational hypnosis, you’re in for a treat: a free, interactive email course – to claim it, just visit There you will also find free hypnosis videos, articles and much more.


Hypnosis Downloads

The Art Of Covert Hypnosis – Massive Commissions – Extreme Conversions.

The Self-Hypnosis Kit: Discover the Power of Hypnotherapy to Improve Your Life

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