Weight Loss Tips From a Hypnotist

by sidekick

Weight lossThere are several things people can do to lose weight that are very similar to undergoing hypnosis. I believe hypnosis has two main tools, distorting perceptions and increasing motivation. For someone trying to lose weight I might distort their perceptions so that they have a better self image and thus feel more inclined to improve their bodies and their health or I might distort their perceptions of how full they are. I might increase their motivation to exercise and eat right or increase their motivation to exercise their will power. Will power is something that takes time and practice, the better you get at it the more it will help you in all areas of your life. With that in mind, here are some tips that will help you lose weight that are similar to what you might experience with hypnosis.

Tip #1 – Get Smaller Plates. You might know on conscious level that the plates (or bowls, cups, et c) are smaller but the reaction to how full you are is inbuilt. You see an empty plate that means you’ve finished eating. Even if you’re the kind of person to go back for seconds, there is still an implication that each round of eating ends with an empty plate. Getting smaller plates tricks the part of your mind that’s learned the reaction – empty plate equals finished meal.

Tip #2 – Get a Training Partner. Sometimes you find it easier to motivate someone else than you do yourself. If you train with someone you need to push them to train harder and as a result they will push you right back. If you have a child who is also overweight or if you know someone who’s overweight but knows nothing about exercise you can go one step better. If you adopt the teacher role, where you instruct them on training and help them exercise, you will become far more motivated to do better yourself. An old teaching tactic is to make the pupil teach someone else because it really focuses their learning.

Tip #3 – Become a Bit Self-Obsessed. Start checking yourself out in the mirror. Start measuring the size of parts of your body with a tape measure. As you start to eat healthy and exercise you will start to look better and you will start to slim down. If you start enjoying every small victory you can stay motivated to keep going. Start catching glimpses of yourself in reflective surfaces. Notice how much better you start to look after just one week, one month, and eventually one year. And be proud. Develop a good relationship with your self-image.

Tip #4 – Drink More Water. Did you know that you get a lot of your calories from beverages? Your colas, lemonades even your fruit juices contain a lot of calories. Want to know the worst part? Your body won’t tell you that you’ve consumed enough calories. Our bodies are not wired to produce the “I’m full response” after having a drink. You could have dozens of drinks with high calorie contents throughout the day and your body would not tell you that it’s enough but you still consume those calories. Instead drink water when you want a drink. That’s what the body wants when it’s thirsty anyway. See this is very much like a hypnotic effect. You are consuming calories and your body isn’t telling you to stop when it’s had enough. Your perceptions with drinks are already distorted.

These tips will not replace a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. But they can be a good start. Use them as motivation for going further. Prove to yourself that you can achieve these small goals. Remember that success is not a place to stop and rest; it’s a stepping stone to your next goals.

Ryan Clarke – Hypnotherapist and Motivational Speaker

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