Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss

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Need to lose a few pounds? Hypnosis for weight loss is a great way to shrink the waistline. Hypnosis for weight loss allows you to change yourself in several healthy ways.

The first thing hypnosis for weight loss helps you lose weight is retraining your body to not need so much food. Your body may become addicted to food for several reasons, you may have eaten due to boredom, to be social or to make yourself feel better. Eating for reasons such as the ones previously mentioned is unhealthy and can lead to health problems. With hypnosis for weight loss you can retrain your sub conscious back to a natural state.

The second thing hypnosis for weight loss can do is make you have the energy you need to work out. Working out is important when losing weight, because the scales do not tell you how much muscle you have. Without muscle, you may lose weight but you become fat on the inside, which is more dangerous to your health than fat on the outside. You can use hypnosis for weight loss to gain the energy you need to keep your cardiovascular system running smoothly.

The third thing weight loss hypnosis can do for you is allow you to get a better nights sleep. With less time sleeping because of weight loss hypnosis, you will have more time. With this time you can use it on more weight loss hypnosis, exercising or spend it with the family or doing tasks you otherwise wouldn’t have the time to do.

Weight loss hypnosis, its for your health.

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Diane September 16, 2010 at 11:35 am

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy does work. I can say from my own experience hypnotherapy for weight loss does really work, i know that because i have had it done after struggling with my weight for many years.

I must admit before I heard a radio broadcast on the BBC with Claire Hegarty who was invited on the show for being an leading expert in Weight loss hypnotherapy, i would have said to anyone who suggested that i was hypnotized for weight loss, not to be so stupid. But after struggling with my weight for many years and where my weight went all the way up to 22 stone, i listened to the show after becoming despearate and found it very interesting.

I had tried everything to lose weight, i went on loads of diets, i went to my doctor time and time again and he was not interested, i even asked if i could be given a pill that doctors give out for weight loss but he refused so i was now desperate and would have tried anything.

After listening to claire hegarty on the show and listening to what she had to say about hypnotherapy, i decided to contact her through her website, now you have to understand at this time i was still not believing hypnotherapy could help you lose weight but i did want to know more.

She explained all about hypnotherapy and weight loss and how it works to help you lose weight and i was very interested and started to feel maybe their is light at the end of the tunnel, maybe i can get back my ideal weight. I agreed to meet her and after getting on well with her i became her client. And i have to say, that i am so happy that i am now four stone lighter and still losing weight.

So what i have to say to you is, do research by all means into weight loss hypnosis, but it does work and do go to an expert and see the diference it will make to your life as it has made a huge difference to my life but make sure that they are an expert. Just because they do hypnotherapy, it does not mean they are an expert in hypnotherapy weight loss

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