Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis

by sidekick


You are probably amazed when you hear that such an obstinate habit like smoking could be cured by Hypnosis. But it is true. To really understand how this works i.e. how you could stop smoking through hypnosis, you are on your way to permanently rid yourself of this scourge. First off , you must understand what actually happens when you reach out for the next cigarette. And on the other hand you must know how hypnosis works and what it actually does. That is where is the connection between smoking and hypnosis.

First of all, you would agree that smoking is a habit which seems to be deeply entrenched and very difficult to root out. A habit is actually controlled by your subconscious mind and that is the reason why it is so difficult to stop smoking. Since you are using your conscious mind to urge yourself to stop smoking whereas it is the inner mind which actually needs to be worked on. And that is where hypnosis comes in. Because hypnosis essentially works on the inner mind.

Hypnosis is a technique which silences the outer, conscious mind and then once the outer mind is put to ‘sleep’, teaches the inner mind to change entrenched thought patterns. This is the entire process of hypnosis.

  • Put the outer mind into a trance.
  • Make hypnotic suggestions to the inner mind.
  • The inner mind accepts the suggestions.
  • Entrenched beliefs and habits are changed.

Although we try to be and are rational human beings going through our daily chores as rationally as possible, there remains a part of us which we are not able to govern. Our childhood and the plethora of experiences that we have had in our lives shape our psyche in ways that we are not able to fathom, normally. But this inner reality forms the prejudices that we harbour and leads to what you could say to be our ‘style’ of functioning. There are often self-defeating thought patterns that dominate our style. There are a lot of things which we would want to change in ourselves but we dont know how to. Because, primarily we don’t know how to tap into our inner minds. That is where the panacea lies.

And the inner mind it is that you have to educate, prompt and convince that smoking is bad, that you must stop smoking and for good. And hypnosis has proven non-intrusive ways to help you stop smoking for good. No questions. There are methods not only to help you stop smoking, but also to save you from falling back into the habit after a while.

See there could be two syndromes associated with stopping smoking. One is that you could start on some other bad habit to substitute smoking, like say overeating. But hypnotic methods can stop that too. Hypnosis can make sure that smoking is stopped without recourse to any other bad habit replacing it.

Moreover, smoking is usually activated by stressful situations that trigger you to light up. There are hypnotic methods to counter such situations too. Stressful situations will come and go but the hypnotic methods specifically chosen for such occasions will work wondrously and the craving that you have always felt would simply finish. Instead you could fill yourself up with energizing thoughts that will boost your confidence to deal with any situation of conflict or stress with far more success in your workaday life, at office or home or with family.

We can truly vouch for a new you who would have stopped smoking for good using hypnotic methods. You must try it to believe it.


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