Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking! – Train Your Brain to Kick the Habit!

by sidekick


If you’re having trouble quitting smoking then you owe it to yourself and your lungs to learn about self hypnosis. This article will discuss the difference between an ex-smoker and a new non-smoker. How your bad habit keeps bringing it’s self back and also why hypnosis is the only way to truly break your habit.

If you’d like to kick the habit and quit smoking you want to really become a new non-smoker instead of an ex-smoker. An ex-smoker will continue to crave a cigarette years and years after they’ve consciously quit. This means the ex-smoker is always susceptible to restarting the habit. Especially if they go through a low point in their life. A new non-smoker on the other hand is someone who has reconditioned or reprogrammed their mind to never again desire a cigarette. This can make a huge difference. The non-smoker is truly free, while the ex-smoker must constantly battle the desire for another smoke.

A person’s addiction regardless if its for smoking or sex or anything else has a life of it’s own. And that addiction resides in a person’s unconscious mind. Like most everything else the addiction wants to live and grow stronger. Now consciously you can defeat your addiction for a certain amount time, years even, but the addiction is still alive, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to reappear. Most often it reappears at a moment in ones life where they are facing numerous challenges. If those challenges should start to overwhelm a person they will often revert back to their old habits looking for that something familiar.

So how does hypnosis work to help you end your addiction? And is it really that easy? Well because the addiction lives in your unconscious mind that’s where one must go to defeat it. Or more correctly to re-progam the unconscious to deal with stress in a more appropriate, beneficial way. A hypnosis program will initially put you into a very relaxed state somewhat like a trance. From this trance like state your unconscious mind can be reached very easily. With the proper type of programming your unconscious mind begins to change. Major changes can occur after just a few sessions if the programming is good.

So, we’ve looked at the difference in the levels of quitting smoking. Becoming a non-smoker should be your goal over being an ex-smoker. If you’ve become an ex-smoker congratulations but remember your addiction isn’t really gone it’s still there waiting to reassert it’s self. The only way to truly become a non-smoker is to reprogram your unconscious mind. The beauty of self hypnosis is that you can get an inexpensive session program specific to your goal and use it as often as you need to. The relaxation levels you can attain are beneficial in their own right. The way these hypnosis sessions work is very similar to the methods today’s star athletes use to maximize their athletic performances. Its weel worth your time to investigate hypnosis further.

I struggled with my demons after a divorce and I know the pain and stress of dealing with an addiction. It wasn’t until I started using an hypnosis program that things really changed for me. Check out my blog post about it to learn more. Or find other guided visualization info here.

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