How Does Hypnotism Effect People?

by sidekick

Happy Couple2

Happy Couple2

There are a number of myths surrounding hypnosis and how it works. Some people still believe it’s a form of mind control and brainwashing. I can assure you, it’s not. Hollywood would have us believe that a hypnotist can control you and make you do things that are against your will. Again, not even remotely true.

In reality, hypnosis is not a mystical, mind-control voodoo that you see on TV and stage, but one of the most effective tools for a positive change.

Hypnosis is a natural, normal state of mind that feels similar to daydreaming. It’s a deep state of relaxation and concentration, wherein the mind is always conscious and aware, but more open to the power of suggestion. It works by relaxing the mind and the body, giving you the ability to bypass the conscious, criticizing part of your mind and reveal the matters lying in the subconscious, which may be the cause of many problems.

Hypnosis has been successfully used for reducing stress, eliminating bad habits, overcome phobias, negative thoughts, suppressed emotions, and to deal with many other psychological and also physiological problems.

There is absolutely nothing unnatural about it, we all naturally go in and out of hypnotic states throughout every day. Examples: daydreaming, losing track of time while driving, reading a really engrossing book, playing an instrument, painting, playing a sport (often referred to as being in the zone), and many, many more.

Can everyone be hypnotized? Virtually every person has the natural capacity for response to hypnosis. However nobody can be effected by it against their will. According to the WHO, more than 90% of the general population can be hypnotized.

Although most people can be effected, they vary in their degree of responsiveness, which is called their hypnotizability or hypnotic susceptibility. Hypnotic susceptibility is measured on scales that rate people of their responsiveness to suggestions. People are rated as high, medium, or low. Most people are at least moderately hypnotizable.

There are, of course, people who can not be hypnotized. Those are people with mental difficulties or extremely sub-normal intelligence (low IQ), senile people, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, young children (under the age of 5), people who are afraid of hypnosis or simply those who are unwilling to cooperate and follow instructions.

It’s a common myth that only the weak minded can be hypnotized. The truth is actually quite the opposite. The best hypnotic subjects are those of above average intelligence who can very easily go into trance due to their sharp concentrating capabilities. You do, in fact, need a reasonable amount of intelligence to be hypnotized.

To summarize, hypnosis is natural, safe, and effective process that can improve your life by enabling you to see things in a new way. You just have to have the desire to do so.

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