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Hypnosis 2

Hypnosis 2

Self hypnosis is a form of hypnosis in which the individual completes the induction into the trance without the help of another. This is very effective because the individual is at ease and relaxed knowing that they are the only ones that will witness the hypnotic state. Several individuals practice hypnosis on a daily basis for a variety of daily activities. It may be calming anxiety for a job interview, test or other stressful event.

The self hypnosis teaches the individual to relax their body and focus on a scene in order to relax their bodies. Here we will discuss some of the techniques that are performed in self hypnosis.

One of the most popular forms of self hypnosis is called change self hypnosis. This is where the individual is attempting to change something that is currently in their live through the hypnotic process. The technique often differs depending on what the individual is aiming to change. If they are trying to quit smoking the induction may be imagining a beautiful scenic place or an old dying man.

Depending on what works for the individual. No two people are exactly alike, some can change behaviors with relaxation and for others it may be the harsh reality of the habit. Everyone assumes that hypnosis is always a peaceful place with individuals relaxed, but some have found that witnessing or viewing the destruction of a behavior has a tremendous impact on their lives. There are professional trainings and workshops that teach the art of hypnosis training. When you learn hypnotism many of the myths are dispelled.

Anyone can learn hypnosis it is not difficult and best of all you can learn for free. With the cost of living in today’s world, many find themselves living paycheck to paycheck with little left at the end. This is another reason to turn to self hypnosis, there is no cost. You can perform hypnosis in your home without incurring any other expense. If you want music you can turn on the radio, or nature sounds can be achieve with hypnosis outdoors.

There are books, tapes and other enhancements that can assist you with the induction, but they are completely up to you. So if you need a change or find a way to relax then try out free self hypnosis, we will show you how. This is for self hypnosis, but there is training available to learn to hypnotize people.

In a quite room you will want to find a place to relax. Maybe on the couch, chair, bed or where ever you are most comfortable. Next you will want to determine what you want to achieve with hypnosis. Take a few deep breaths and begin focusing on one thing. This could be a spot on the wall, picture or something else that is an inanimate object.

After focusing on your object you will want to repeat to yourself that you are feeling sleepy and eye lids are becoming heavy. Allow for all the stress in your body to run down your arms and out through your finger tips. Tell yourself that you are relaxed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Once relaxed imagine a staircase and begin walking the staircase until you have reached the number ten stair. Counting as you go and telling yourself that as you walk the staircase you are going deeper and deeper into hypnosis.

Once you have made it to the tenth stair you will then tell yourself that you are in hypnosis. At this point you can explore your surroundings, how does it feel, hot or cold, wind, smell and other physical attributes of your environment. At this point you can then rehearse the positive scripting into your mind. Remember you are highly suggestible at this time so what you change your scripting to will be your new thoughts. When you have completed your self hypnosis session you will begin up the stairs counting backwards from the tenth stair.

As you climb the stairs tell yourself you are coming up from hypnosis and will awake with a feeling of wellness. Once you have made your way up the staircase then tell yourself to open your eyes and return to the normal awake state.

When you awake you will remember everything there is no amnestic effect like some speculate. Most people spend about twenty minutes in hypnosis and remember the entire time. You can explore and make the session last longer if you would like, or you can shorten it. What ever suits you the best. – Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis Training Learn what hypnosis is, how it affects your mind, what is possible through hypno.


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