What is a Hypnosis Induction?

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Hypnosis induction is an art to alter the brain and the behavior of some other individual. There exist 2 main types of hypnotic induction – the concealed and an open one.

The main difference is as follows: with a covert hypnosis induction of the person that is being hypnotized, does not know what is happening, and with the open method the person knows it.

Depending on your needs, you would have to decide which form of induction you need to gain the skill of.

For example, the open hypnosis induction could be used to crack up people at parties – pick an individual (in case you are taking your first steps, pick people that you see for the first time in your life, rather than someone from your family members or friends). You would tell this individual that you are a hypnotist and that you can hypnotize her/him right there and then, if he/she would like to be hypnotized.

As a starter, you would ask this individual to stand up, to put both his/her hands straight in front of her/him and to close his/her eyes. Then you would say that on the count “one” (counting backwards from “three”) she/he is going to feel: 1 – a heavy weight, pulling stronger and stronger at the right hand of the individual, making it go down; 2 – a large balloon, pulling stronger and stronger at the left hand of the individual, making it lift up.

The individual will usually not feel the hands moving and for that reason will be really surprised to see that the hands have indeed moved in two opposite directions, after opening her/his eyes.

As to the convert hypnosis induction – you will not tell anyone about that you are going to hypnotize someone.

You will plainly use one of the robust covert conversational hypnosis methods to induce the chosen individual to like you, to follow your lead and to say “yes” to your suggestions.

All of this you would fulfill with a particular type of a talk, during which you would make the peripheral awareness of the individual diminish, at the same time “embedding” certain triggers in the brain of the hypnotized individual.

All you have to do next is to use the triggers that you have embedded; it’s as simple as that.

This brief overview can not teach you how to use this ultra powerful hypnosis induction – the concealed one.

But one of the CDs, which I have researched in depth and reviewed Side-by-Side on this page – Hypnosis Induction Reviews – can.

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