Weight Loss and Fitness: The Ultimate Healer Subliminal Series

by sidekick

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Weight Loss and Fitness: The Ultimate Healer Subliminal Series
Manufacturer: Kyrah Malan
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Advanced techniques help you set and attain your fitness goals ... develop healthy food and exercise habits. Replace guilt and negativity with confidence, determination, and desire. Enjoy the process and the results! Beautiful music, messages and binaural beats are specifically designed to work together in the simplest, easiest way possible: All you do is play the CD while you're working, reading, driving in your car, using the computer, etc. The affirmations and suggestions are "buried" in the music, so All you hear is beautiful music. ONLY your subconscious mind hears the messages, where they are the Most Effective Let the CD do the work FOR you; Change the way you think and feel Change your experiences Change your life 29:08 min

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