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When I was in my teens I read a book about Edgar Cayce. If you’ve never heard of him, Cayce was a devout Christian, but many consider him the founder of the New Age Movement. For forty-three years Cayce would put himself into a self-induced state of relaxation which enabled him to answer questions (readings) and diagnose people he had never met.

With only the name and location of a person, Cayce would speak in a normal voice and give readings to any questions about that person that he was asked. Most of the readings were given for people who were sick, and many of the cures he recommended are still in use today.

Of course this peaked my curiosity about hypnosis, and I built up quite a library on the subject.

There are plenty of stories about hypnosis being used in negative ways as well, and frankly these stories are what kept me on the fence about using it personally for a number of years.

In his book, The Man Who Invented Hitler, historian David Lewis revealed that Adolf Hitler was once hypnotized. Apparently, Hitler lost his sight near the end of World War I due to hysterical blindness. Through hypnosis, a doctor suggested to Hitler that through will power he could make himself see again. It seems that the suggestion worked.

What finally got me off the fence was my own competitiveness. I wanted to do well at a school debate, and I was tired of losing — well repeatedly coming in second — to the same person. When you need an edge you’ll try anything once, and I did. I tried a self hypnosis session, and I got the result I was after. Since then, hypnosis is part of my self-help arsenal.

In truth, hypnosis isn’t good or bad — it’s neutral. It might help you and change your life forever, or you may be completely unchanged after a session. It may only work for a period of time. Your results will depend on factors such as motivation and determination. Your destiny is still in your own hands.

©2010 – present. Annaly Curzon. The author is a psychology student interested in personal development and self-help. She maintains the web site Working On Me.

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