Hypnosis For Weight Loss – The Technique

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Like many of the commonly used techniques of hypnotism, hypnosis for weight loss is a natural way of changing a persons habits and beliefs about a healthy diet. The actual technique of hypnosis for weight loss is actually basic common sense and involves getting back in touch with your bodies natural cycles.

From how most overweight people overeat to avoid painful emotions, how our stomachs are designed for only eating full meals every few days, how to tune your taste buds for portion control and the basic formula for healthy eating. The article will explore the many exciting aspects of the basic technique of hypnosis for weight loss.

When it comes to hypnosis for weight loss there is only one single reason why people overeat. People will only overeat to avoid or suppress negative feelings or emotions. By over eating to the point of being full and satisfied one temporally eliminates any painful emotion or experience. It is through this basic principal that this technique works on.

The common western diet is much different from the diet of our early man ancestors. Our stomachs are designed to be filled completely with food only once a day. In fact our ancestors often didn’t eat a completely filling meal for up to thee days at a time. In between hunts our ancestors ate leafs, vegetables, sprouts, fruit, nuts, seeds and berries. When you do hypnosis for weight loss; the main objective will be to resolve this one issue.

As you start practising this technique on a regular basis you will be able to tune your senses. That is the beauty of this technique of hypnosis for weight loss, with practise we tune our taste buds to make appropriate decisions a use portion control. We eat when we are hungry, we enjoy the food and when we are full, no more food passes our lips. The basic idea is as follows.

The Technique

Follow these suggestions fully and completely each time that you sit down to eat and when ever you are hungry. Hypnosis for weight loss includes four specific steps.

1. Whenever you are hungry for food you should be sure to eat something healthy. Never starve yourself of deprive yourself when you are hungry (this is important).

2. Don’t eat what you think you should, just because it is in front of you, eat what you want until you are full.

3. With each bite of food you take, chew carefully and fully. Enjoy each and every mouthful of food. Pay attention to your food as you eat it and make sure to chew the food completely, up to thirty times per mouthful.

4. As soon as you think you are full make sure you slow down the eating or even stop completely. It can take a few minutes for the feeling of fullness to catch up to you, so it is helpful to stop eating just before the feeling of fullness comes.

As you can probably tell by now this technique is basic, and gets right to the point. Regardless of whether you lean the hypnosis for weight loss technique when you are deep in trance or simply by consciously repeating the process in your daily life, the process is simple. Always be training yourself to eat when you are hungry, enjoy each bite completely, eat until you are full and then stop eating. Remember less is more.

About the Author

Peter Hill is a hypnotist, write and public speaker on the subject of hypnosis for weight loss. He runs an informational website with articles, podcasts, and hypnosis mp3s. To take advantage of all this and more make sure to check out Peter’s site at  http://www.hypnosisweightlossnow.com


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