What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

by sidekick


Most people are pleasantly surprised with their first hypnotic experience. (I know I was!) While being hypnotized, you and your hypnotist will guide your body into a state of powerful and wonderful relaxation. Many people enjoy being hypnotized simply because there is no more effective way for relaxing themselves so deeply.

Once the hypnotic induction is completed, a hypnotized person is still completely aware of the room, can still hear everything going on, and is still thinking actively for themselves. They listen to the hypnotist and if the hypnotist gives them a suggestion they like, they choose to accept it.

“Waking up” from hypnosis feels like simply rousing oneself from a daydream. Because a hypnotized person has been basked in wonderfully deep relaxation, they usually feel recharged, energized, and feeling great emotionally.

If you have had positive experiences with hypnosis, it will naturally facilitate your re-experiencing it. If you are concerned that under hypnosis you might reveal some deep personal secrets, you should not be. You will reveal only what you wish unless the hypnotist is using unethical techniques, such as using mechanical devices or drugs to unearth or implant suggestions.

A light hypnotic state may be sufficient to accomplish the goals of the session. Most people can achieve a trance deep enough to allow for the process. Hypnosis is one of many tools and techniques used to uncover information or to work out problems.

People with a wide range of intellectual giftedness or limitations can be hypnotized. Almost anyone can be hypnotized, even children as young as three. Old people can also be hypnotized. The ability to enter hypnosis frequently depends on the training and expertise of the hypnotist.

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