Self Hypnosis As a Powerful Health Aid

by sidekick


With a large, and growing, number of medical experts asserting that over 90% of all illness stems from the mind it should not be too surprising to find that mental solutions and psychological treatments for physical disorders are becoming more mainstream. Self hypnosis is a perfect example.

One of the most popular and successful psychological methods for the treatment of physical illness is hypnosis. How the hypnotic process actually works is, surprisingly, still a mystery to modern science. However, its effects are well documented.

Although many people consider hypnosis to be some form of mind control that is influenced upon you by another person this could not be further from the truth. Because we give the hypnotist permission to guide us into trance all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis. You do not surrender your will to a hypnotist nor would you follow his every instruction blindly.

When you are hypnotized you are still in full control. However, as you have agreed to surrender a certain amount of control to the hypnotist you feel that you want to please him and are much more likely to accept his suggestions and believe everything he says.

So, how can this self hypnosis state be used to promote better states of physical well-being and even eliminate some illnesses?

Well, research has shown that our thoughts have a dramatic effect on our health and general well-being. Our thoughts themselves are merely reflections of the bleifs we hold and these beliefs are themselves slaves to our emotions. Our emotions, in turn, are greatly influenced by our past experiences and how we view them in the present. Being able to alter all of these is one of the most powerful benefits of using self hypnosis.

Through self hypnosis it is possible to alter how we view our past experiences and remove or change the emotional charges we hold against them. Similarly we can also create visions of our future, with self hypnosis, and infuse these visualizations with positive, affirming emotions. The visions produced under self hypnosis are stored in the mind for latter access. When the mind calls up information from its subconscious storehouse it then reads from these visions and uses them as a blueprint for how it views the world.

As a health-aid it is therefore the role of self hypnosis to alter our internal belief systems to correspond to thinking process that promote health and general good well-being. To achieve this our emotions to certain beliefs must also be changed. This has proven to be difficult, time-consuming and slow with conventional psychological methods – this is not the case with self hypnosis however!

Anyone can use self hypnosis to enter a state of trance. Once in this relaxed state worded statements can be directed to the subconscious mind and visualization techniques used to change beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This can be achieved with any subject matter. In fact, it can take as little as one session to accomplish this and no more than a few sessions a week over a period of one month.

As far as health goes self hypnosis can create dramatic changes in the body. As the human brain is the center, or controller, of the complex nervous system of the body it has the ability to send and receive signals from all parts of the body. The brain’s ability to be in contact with the whole body and send instructions means that it has the ability to instruct cells and nerves to begin repair or reconstruction of any damaged system. As you can have direct access to the brain you can literally program it with your own instructions!

With self hypnosis you can gain access to the part of the mind known as the subconscious and program in instructions that have a dramatic effect on how the brain interacts with the nerves and cells of your body. Through the use of self hypnosis techniques you can actually change the blueprint your mind holds of your body to reflect health, strength and wellness. When the brain then accesses the subconscious mind to send instructions to your nerves and cells it reads this newly programmed blueprint imprinted on it through self hypnosis and immediately instructs the rest of the body to follow it – much like a computer system.

Therefore if your health is an issue that you would like to deal with my advice is simple. Apply some easy to learn self hypnosis techniques or use well-established self hypnosis recordings and you will change your mind and ultimately your body!

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