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Do you know you can use health hypnosis as a psychological  treatment for a variety of illnesses with apparent success? While hypnosis is not always capable of curing physical disease, you can successfully use it to enhance relaxation and alleviate pain and other physical discomforts, and therefore to make a positive
contribution to the overall quality of your life.

Health hypnosis. In dermatology, suggestions given during trance have been found to help decrease psoriasis and intervene in psychosomatic aspects of the skin diseases. Studies show a very high recovery rate with hypnosis treatment of psoriasis; facts that prove that hypnosis can cure psoriasis:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy: 93%
recovery after 6 sessions

Though health hypnosis is not actually a therapy by itself, it is  a fantastic tool for revealing psychological and behavioral roadblocks to healing. Therapies that can be enhanced by hypnosis include supportive therapy, direct suggestion, symptom substitution, and hypnotic analysis.

Stress is often a factor in the onset, exacerbation, and prolongation of psoriasis. This is why hypnosis and
suggestion have been shown to have a positive effect on psoriasis. In a typical case report, 75% clearing of psoriasis was reported by using a hypnotic sensory-imagery technique. The good news is that  health hypnosis can be used in all type of patients, no matter for how long they suffered of it, and to what extent it covers the skin, provided it has an emotional trigger.

Did you know that up to 2% of Americans suffer from psoriasis? This is a skin condition that leads to an intensely itchy rash with clearly defined borders. Psoriasis is a chronic relapsing skin disease that may be triggered by a number of factors, including trauma, infections and most notably, emotional stress. Hypnosis can be especially helpful when dealing with skin diseases that have a psychosomatic aspect and are activated by stress.

Why hypnosis can cure psoriasis? It is because this skin disease many times is a manifestation of deep-rooted emotional trauma. As it is understood from the studies, any emotional trauma, which is lying, deep buried in the vaults of the mind, will have some manifestation on the body, persona, behavior, and thinking of the person involved.

With psoriasis, it seems that sometimes, the emotional trauma sends messages for help through the skin eruptions. In this type of psychological and physical connection some people develop skin disease; others may develop breathing problems, or anxiety disorder, etc. as a direct result of suppressed emotions. The manifestations would become visible in the weakest link of the chain in our body.

Health hypnosis can cure psoriasis by drawing out the reason, and re-programming the mind positively.

Many experts and research studies indicate that the best hypnosis therapy to work with psoriasis is that which involves ‘visualization’ or ‘hypnotic sensory-imagery technique’. Though it is not used enough, the results are extremely satisfying with up to 99 percent reversal of the disorder. The humiliation and pain of this disease is
one of it’s the worst side-effects.

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Rex Truman is a writer who has studied hypnosis, and shares his findings with people who want to know more about this therapy at www.hypnosis-selfhypnosis.com

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