Hypnosis: Discover What You Can Do With Hypnosis!

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Hypnosis can provide numerous benefits for you… in the many ways that you live your life. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can work to help you accomplish desired change.

What Do You Want in Your Life?

* Would you like to stop smoking… but are struggling to succeed?
* Do you want to lose weight… but find old habits get in the way?
* Have you wished you could eat healthfully… but fall back on junk-food choices?
* Are you stymied about how to reduce the effects of stress… and don’t know where to begin?
* Are you extremely negative… and don’t believe you could ever possibly change this?

If any of these experiences “speak out” to you, you might want to investigate Hypnosis!

How Can You Best Benefit from Hypnosis?

When you are determined to take charge in your life, you establish a powerful preliminary attitude for getting top benefits from Hypnosis. When you are firm about taking responsibility for your life – and for solving the problems in your life – you are putting yourself into the best frame-of-mind to have Hypnosis work well for you!

Actually, the possibilities of what Hypnosis can do – the benefits that it can create in your life – are limited only by your ability to define what you want! Truly the possibilities are endless.

Hypnosis helps you to focus your mind specifically on the outcomes you want in your life. In addition, Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you achieve these outcomes.

How Does Hypnosis Work with Your Subconscious Mind?

Hypnosis is a state of mind. In the hypnotic state of mind, you are relaxed in body, while your mind is aware and alert. This allows your subconscious mind – the deep part of your mind – to spring into action.

Your subconscious mind – by its very nature – brings into reality that which you are thinking. Your subconscious mind takes your thoughts – the contents of your mind – and creates them in your life. It is principle by which self-fulfilling prophecy operates.

By the principle of self-fulfilling prophecy, whatever you think about an event, you get to be right! It doesn’t matter what you think, by virtue of your thoughts, you create the very outcomes that those thoughts describe!

This is powerful!

It points out the need to pay very close and particular attention to that which you are thinking! Since your subconscious mind stands to create it, it is important that you watch carefully over the direction of that creation.

In other words, it is important that you closely monitor your thoughts. Hypnosis provides a pathway to assert that careful monitor over your thoughts! Hypnosis also provides clarity in the direction of those thoughts. Hypnosis is designed to create thoughts – in the form of suggestions – specifically tailored to the outcomes that you want to see become a part of your life!

It is a process of positive mental conditioning.

What Can You Accomplish with Positive Mental Conditioning?

Hypnosis can be used to dramatically improve attitude, outlook, skills, memory and comprehension, focus and concentration, creativity, as well as a whole host of other results. Hypnosis can assist in improving personal well-being. It can help with such skills as anger management, stress management, time management, and goal achievement.

Hypnosis has also been found to help its subjects alleviate fears and phobias – including fears of the dark, of heights, of closed spaces, of insects. Since these phobias reside in the deeper areas of the mind, Hypnosis can be the perfect vehicle to use to get to them and “weed” them out..

Through the use of Hypnosis, those fears are accessed and altered. Using hypnotic techniques irrational thoughts and fears can be eradicated. Once this occurs, more productive, neutral and/or healthy perspectives toward the stimuli are left behind.

What Can You Do from Here?

I invite you to explore these ideas over and over to find out for yourself how Hypnosis might help YOU… make effective changes in your life!

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Presented by Dr. Marlene Shiple, the Life Coach Dr., and the LifeCoachDr Network.

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