Eliminate Your Cigarette Habit By Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

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You can eliminate your habit by using hypnosis to quit smoking if you personally want to stop. Hypnosis works for anyone with an open mind who does not want to be forced to do something. That is why it is important that you want to quit smoking. If you are giving up your habit because someone else wants you to, hypnosis may not work.

There is no reason to fear hypnosis, it is a process of concentrated relaxation. The goal is to let your conscious mind become less active, so your subconscious will be receptive to suggestions. For example, have you ever been somewhere when a song is playing in the background but you are doing something repetitive, something that doesn’t take much thought. When you are done and you are away from the song, chances are you will either hum that tune or sing it to yourself. That is because your subconscious heard the song. It is that simple, with repetition your subconscious mind can help you to remove the desire to smoke.

Your conscious mind is what thinks, reasons and rationalizes. Sometimes you may even feel that what you are doing is different than what you really want to do. This is why your conscious mind needs to be relaxed or quieted when going through hypnosis.

When you use hypnosis to quit smoking, you will need to reinforce the suggestion that you are a non-smoker repeatedly. You can do this by either finding a certified hypnotherapist, or using self-hypnosis. If you go to a therapist be prepared to return for several visits. They will also give you a tape that offers techniques for relaxation so you can reach your subconscious at home. When that state is reached you will than go through a series of imaging that you are trying to smoke a cigarette but the taste is so bad you are disgusted by it, or you hate the smell and the smoke makes you sick.

When you hear the suggestion of how you hate cigarettes, your subconscious will eventually make this a reality to your conscious mind.  On the tape you will listen to how much better you look and feel now that you are a non-smoker. At the end of the tape you will be brought out of the hypnotic state by being told how relaxed and energetic you feel.

The results from using hypnosis to quit smoking prove to work twice as well as using a nicotine patch or gum alone. It is ok to use the patch along with the hypnosis if you feel this will help you achieve better results. As long as you remain consistent with the suggestions, you will stop smoking without any of the normal withdrawal symptoms.

Using self-hypnosis works just as well as seeing a therapist. Since the therapist will give you a tape to reinforce the suggestions of being a non-smoker made at the office, it is the same as if you purchased a tape or even if you make one yourself. Whatever method you choose hypnosis to quit smoking has worked for millions of people and it can work for you too.

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