Are There Any Medical Benefits From Hypnosis?

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We’ve examined the benefits of hypnosis as a tool for self improvement. How we can attach it to the Law of Attraction and make the acquisition of our desires even more powerful. But there’s another facet we haven’t yet examined, and that’s in the field of medicine.

Here, too, we find enormous benefits may be obtained. Among the many medical conditions for which it’s used are the following.

Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hypertension, General Pain Relief, Panic and Anxiety Disorders, Asthma, Insomnia, Enuresis and Diabetes II. There are many others, but even this short list gives you some idea of the vast scope of its usage.

Fibromyalgia is a singularly nasty disease. You hurt all over, feel physically exhausted, have widespread pain in your muscles, ligaments and tendons as well as multiple points on your body which are tender, or hurt at the touch.

Until fairly recently, if you went to the doctor, you’d be told that he or she could find nothing wrong with you. This, in turn, proved terribly distressing. Of course something was wrong with you. Why in the world couldn’t they see it?

It occurs in about 2% of the population of this country, and is far more prevalent in women than in men. It was found that when sufferers of this disease were put on a 12 week course of hypnotherapy, they showed infinitely better abilities with pain management, waking fatigue, sleep patterns and overall health than those receiving physical therapy alone. This from the Journal of Rheumatology.

The British Journal of Medicine reported similarly optimistic results with those suffering from Asthma. A six year period showed that 173 patients suffering from Asthma were taught to use self-hypnosis. Of these, 82% were either much improved, or enjoyed total remission.

Enuresis results were, apparently, even better. This is a condition where you suffer an incontinence of urine.

Research is being undertaken by Elvira V. Lang, MD and Naomi M Halsey into the benefits of hypnosis for patients receiving invasive medical procedures. As can well be imagined, they are often under considerable distress during these times.

Therefore, they’re being trained in the techniques of self-hypnosis. Their main area of study is in those patients undergoing fibroid, renal and hepatic tumor removal. It seems that their results show that these patients are displaying considerably less psychological and physical distress and will learn coping skills that will help them in the future.

Have you ever felt ‘sick and tired?’ Then think how invigorating it must be when, under a trance, this feeling departs from you. A few more sessions and no more ‘sick and tired’ feelings.

A step up from there, and patients are taught how to release endorphins or serotonin into their systems, thereby learning to control their own minds.

These, then, are just a few of the ways hypnosis is assisting in curative medicine. From being an obscure music hall trick a century ago, it now appears it’s at the forefront of science.

Then again, we’ve all heard of instances where the mind has had a direct bearing on healing. This, too, was considered rubbish by the scientific community and not too long ago, either.

Now, the more that people understand hypnosis, the longer grows the list of benefits.

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